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Robert Craig

Robert Craig
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Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd.
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We've mastered the fine art of
HAIRCOLOR Color by Robert Craig

    It's Fast
    It's easy
    It's gentle
    NO ammonia, NO peroxide, Permanent Haircolor

    Color by Robert Craig™
    hair color

    For years, women and men have been searching for a way to add natural-looking, long-lasting color to their hair - without damaging it. Unfortunately, the products available offer either temporary hair color that may not look natural, or permanent color that looks beautiful, but may cause irreversible damage from ingredients such as ammonia, which wears away hair protein.

    Today all this has changed. Introducing Color by Robert Craig, the all-new, permanent hair colorant that delivers totally gorgeous, natural-looking results without a trace of harmful ammonia, peroxide or alcohol. Now you can color hair gently and with confidence - even if your hair is permed or chemically treated - in your choice of 21 intermixable, luxurious shades plus a special Clear Color.

    What else makes Color by Robert Craig so different? It's a water-activated, foaming hair colorant. Water-activated means that there is no separate chemical developer to worry about - because Color by Robert Craig mixes with tap water, nothing more. And because Color by Robert Craig is a no-mess mousse, it couldn't be easier to use.

    This unique hair colorant will help you cover your gray or give your hair an exciting new look with rich color that really lasts. Plus, Color by Robert Craig's special ingredients leave your hair luminous and shining with health.

    What hair colorant could offer you more?

    Lasting color like nature made. It's what you've been waiting for; a permanent hair colorant that won't damage your hair. Color by Robert Craig is a revolutionary new product that mixes with warm tap water to deliver truly lasting color. Available in 21 intermixable shades and a special Clear formula, it's like professional color for use at home.

    Hair is mostly protein, one of nature's polymers. Through the process called polymerization, Color by Robert Craig's rich color molecules bond inside your hair - so the color can't wash away. Despite repeated shampooing, your new Color by Robert Craig shade will stay true. And the look is incredibly natural!


    Whether you're looking for superb gray coverage or to change or enchance your natural shade, Color by Robert Craig offers lush, long-lasting color for all types of hair. No matter which Color by Robert Craig shade you choose, you'll enjoy tremendous color fastness. However, we don't recommend using Color by Robert Craig to lighten your existing color.

    Gently does it. When it comes to coloring hair, we believe that gentle is the only way to go. Color by Robert Craig, the water-activated, foaming hair colorant, is kind to your hair. Just think about it. This unique, breakthrough formula contains absolutely no ammonia - so it can't weaken or damage your hair. And we use no hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, either. The only thing you mix the Color by Robert Craig colorant powder with is warm tap water. And it has no need for added perfume. It has no scent.

    In fact, Color by Robert Craig is so mild, you can actually color your hair after other chemical treatments....and your hair will look healthier and better conditioned than before you colored! Now, that's what we call gentle.

    Simplicity itself Using Color by Robert Craig's unique mousse formula is fast, clean and oh-so-easy-to use. It's simple, one-step process that involves warm tap water instead of a separate chemical developer. It's the stress-free, mess-free way to color!

    All you do is mix the Color by Robert Craig colorant powder with water, shake to create an easy-to-apply mousse, and apply to your hair. Follow with Color by Robert Craig shampoo. That's all there is to it! Best of all, Color by Robert Craig is a pleasure to use; because it contains no harmful ammonia, there's no unpleasant odor.

    Hair that's soft and luminous Hair that shines. Hair you love to touch, hair with silky body and gleaming highlites.

    Color by Robert Craig not only gives you lustrous, natural-looking hair color, it will make your hair look brighter and healthier - more manageable, too! And your hair's new shine and depth will last as long as your gorgeous new shade.

    Now, you can finally enjoy permanent color without damaging your hair. In fact, Color by Robert Craig leaves your hair looking healthier and better conditioned than ever!

    If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our Staff by
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    Sincerely yours,

    Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd.
    St Clair Shores, Michigan

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