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Robert Craig
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Karin Hiebert
Hair Color and Hair Design

Karin Hiebert has earned her distinction as one of Canadas premiere hair colorists, hair designers and progressive salon owners. First and foremost, she is a passionate trainer, artist and competitor. Karin loves creating award-winning hair styles and colors. Her clientele includes models, musicians, actors, sports figures and journalists ~ to name a few. She is highly committed to delivering quality and outstanding results. To that end, she is continually developing tools and techniques to assist her in passing along her expertise to her satisfied clientele. Karin also has vast experience doing hair competitions.
Her talents are not restricted to the beauty profession though. Karin also brings to the table other talents. For instance, she is actively involved in teaching people how to use Social Media tools on the internet to build relationships as well as prosperous businesses. She also guides even the most unskilled newbie in how to use some basic communication tools (like Skype). Additionally, she is in increasing demand as a business consultant. Regardless of the type of business one might be creating, Karin has the acumen, the savvy, and the sassy to guide you through the essential steps of creating that business for SUCCESS. With more than 30 years of success stories under her belt, and a long line of satisfied customers, Karin is highly sought after ~ and we are fortunate to have her on our site.

Ask Karin your hair questions and she will personally email you the response.

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