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    #21 Clear can be used alone to add shine to the hair or can be mixed with any of our shades to create a color gloss. Clear allows you to 'fine tune' your color. If used alone, mix and apply for 15 minutes and enjoy the conditioning and shine benefits with no change in color.

Hair Color

Why a clear color?

Here are a few reasons

  • Adds shine and conditions.

  • In just one application of Clear you can see and feel the difference. Enjoy the incredible shine and conditioning properties of our easy to use colorless hair color. Simply apply for 15 minutes once a month and that's it. Perfect for every type of hair including natural, colored, highlighted and grey.

  • Locks in color.

  • You've finally achieved the perfect color or highlights and within a week or two your hair begins to fade. Lock in your color with an application of Clear. Used over color treated or highlighted hair, Clear helps prolong your color by bonding on the inside of the hair and protecting the delicate color molecules. Use two to three days after coloring or highlighting for 15 minutes to seal that color in. It's so easy to do.

  • Softens course or wiry hair.

  • The conditioning properties of our clear will even tame those wiry grey hairs or soften coarse hair making it feel very smooth. Just apply for 15 minutes once a month for soft, shiny hair that you will love to touch.

  • Use after chemical treatments.

  • If you perm or relax your hair and find it dull and lifeless an application of Clear for 5 minutes will make all the difference. Use three or more days after any chemical process and your hair will shine and feel like it had never been touched by chemicals.

  • Use as a color gloss to refresh your current color.

  • By mixing Clear with any one of our 21 shades of color you can add a colored gloss to your hair giving it a revived, radient, natural-looking result. An application of half color and half Clear applied for just 5 minutes will leave your color refreshed and your hair silky, luminous and shining with health. Color that has not been mixed is easily saved for use at another time so there is no waste. Note: If your hair is highlighted, choose a shade that matches your highlights. Otherwise, choose a shade that is close to the color you are refreshing.

  • Gentle and long lasting.

  • Like our regular color line Clear contains NO peroxide, ammonia, alcohol or perfume. Clear lasts up to 4 weeks but can be used more often if desired.

For the Clear instruction sheet click here.
You do need Adobe Reader to view it.


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