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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

Here is a sample of the hundreds of letters we get from people who use our products as well as some reviews by some great websites.

Thanks Karin, Product arrived quickly...Monday.. I jumped right into the process and I am very Happy with the results , I feel I can go out into public and not cover my head. Truthfully, after reading all the testimonies I wondered why you said to leave on for just 3 minutes or so. BUT, then it seemed no matter what you suggested almost 100% were happy ..So I went with it left it on for 5 minutes..

I did only use 1/2 of the products.

I do see that my natural color is darker and I will have a line of demarkation when I get enough growth. Just thinking right now of what to do next . I have been trying to get some length on my style.

If I were to do as I have done for quite a few years and color my hair in 7 or 8 the do a frosting . which colors should I use for comparable to 7 or 8 ? And what light blonde would be good to tone with?

Then having this bee in my bonnet of the red highlights.... what would you suggest there ? A one color application or using one all over color and using a cap for the red highlights?

It is so interesting to me to see how RED is in. When I was doing hair almost all women were so afraid of even red highlights. They were adamant and said I do not want red...Even when you told then red was natural and green was not....

Looking forward to getting my hair to a healthy state. Will keep this for a bit . But want to be prepared and order the products to have on hand.

Thank you for your help


HI Karin,

I tried what you suggested and the color was perfect! There are still a few stubborn greys, but you have to look really close to find them.
Thank you so much for your great advice!!


I had to e-mail you and tell you what your product has done for me!!

I am so excited. For 17 years I have been unable to color my hair as I became highly allergic to certain "smells" after 25 years of bleaching my hair. Smells from chemicals, florals , many different kinds make be very very ill, to the point that my throat starts closing up when I come in contact with them.

Your advertisement of color with no unpleasant orders, with no ammonia and no peroxide, intrigued me to the point of ordering the Chocolate Brown. I had my daughter mix the product outside my house to see if indeed there was no smell. I was delighted when she told me it didn't smell at all. I died my graying hair today and I am elated. I look younger and feel younger. Your product is amazing.

So many times people are disappointed with product ads that mislead and are not truthful, you should be commended for having products that live up to your advertisements!!!

If you want to use this letter on your web site, please feel free to do so!!


Joellen Wheeler

Thank you so much for your advice. I must compliment Robert Craig and staff for their amazing quality products, as well as the phenomenal website with a wealth of intelligent information. Please give my kudos to Robert Craig and staff(especially you) for their help. Not to sound overly dramatic, but you guys gave me hope(for my hideous hair) when I couldn't look myself in the mirror, b/c my hair was so hideous.

I wish I lived closer, as I'd let the pros take care of my problem, but being in California, that would be one heck of an expensive salon appointment (to fly to the East Coast)
You guys ROCK!

Hi Karin

I ordered hair color from Robert Craig and used your suggestions for the colors. You had suggested #6 and #8. I also added 1/3 of the clear as my hair has a tendancy to get very very dark with even a light brown colorant. I have to tell you that my color came out gorgeous and my hair feels healthy and soft. I am extremely pleased with the results.

I do notice that some of the grey still is there. I left the mixture on the grey areas for 45 minutes.

Next time around, should I omit the clear or can I use the 3 colors but leave it on longer? My concern with omiting the clear is that the resultant color may be too dark then.

Also, how long may I expect this color to last?

Thank you again for your great suggestions and a great product.

Lee Ellen

We did suggest that Lee Ellen reduce the amount of Clear color used to get more pigment in the hair for better grey coverage. The color lasts 4-6 weeks before a root touchup should be done again.

Just wanted to let you know that I've been using your hair color for a few years now. My hair is so much different that my beautician asked me what I've been doing to my hair. He said it's not all dried up & brittle anymore. I have naturally curly hair which makes it even more brittle than most. In addition to using your gentle hair color, I have been rubbing avocado oil on the ends of my hair before I wash it. It's working wonders along w/ your color. Am using 1/4 #16 & 3/4 #2 & have the color of my natural haircolor. I have taken your advice & don't pull the color thru all of my hair & it looks much more natural now. The "flat" appearance of all one color is gone. My hair is shiny & healthy & people are telling me that!

I love your haircolor & am grateful I found it!


Hey Karin! Took your advice going 1/4 to 3/4. You are awesome! The color is great and my hair has never felt so healthy and soft!!! I love this product! Thanks for you help!

Comments / More Information
I just have to say I'm completely thrilled with your product. This is the first time I've colored my hair (including having it done professionally) that the gray hair has stayed covered. I see the re growth of course but in the past I would see the color gone from the gray hair at my temples in as little as two days. I wash my hair daily as it get coated in styling products and is very oily besides. I have never seen such a wonderful product that is gentle to my hair and does a great job. I've recommended it to many of my friends already and will continue to do so. Thank you, Ms. P

Hi Karin,

I am the happiest girl on earth today and I owe it to RC Craig and you. I did the color fix to my hair today twice within 5 minutes period as you've instructed. I was nervous with the result after the second round of my colorfix as it turned out almost orange, however after I re-color it with #6 for 7 to 10 minutes, the result is amazing. It is exactly how I want it to be. It is a little darker than the actual golden brown that show on the the color guide but it is perfect match to the rest of my hair and really compliments my highlights. I was concerned that my root will be lighter than the rest of my hair that is why I re-color it for longer than 5 minutes whihc is what you have recommended and I hit the color just perfect. My husband love the result too. When the lights shine on it, it is beautiful. I've already told all my friends and co-worker about you product and your website. By the way my husband use the left over on his hair and because he's got lighter skin and ligther hair color the result is a little darker than he wants, the beauty of his hair is he carry it really short so next time he cut it he can start fresh with a new fresh lighter RC Craig color. He loves the fact that the product doesn't smell and does not make his scalp tight.

Thanks again for making such product. Just wonderful and wonderful and wonderful:)


To the folks at Robert Craig ~

I don't believe I've ever written to a company in praise of a product before. However, my experience with your hair color has finally prompted me to write.

I am 47 and have been coloring my hair since age 25, when I started getting my first grays. I've used highlights, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent hair colors and with a few exceptions, have always colored at home using "drugstore" products.

I found Robert Craig hair color online while looking for a less damaging alternative to traditional permanent hair colors. My hair was dry and fried from using drugstore products, and I was really tired of being dissatisfied with the condition of my hair. I began using Robert Craig hair color in November 2007 and have finally gotten to the point where my hair has grown out and been cut enough that all the previously colored (with drugstore colors) hair is gone. My hair is softer than it has been since I started coloring 22 years ago. The Robert Craig hair color looks so incredibly natural, my hair looks like it did in high school again. And the way it feels to the touch is completely different now. It is soft again, not fried.

Thank you so much -- I will never use another hair coloring product. Never!

Emily S. in North Carolina

Hello Karin, I would like to thank you, I followed your advice and used #7 and #12 the mix was easy, and results were perfect and the coverage of gray is far better than any otc product I have ever used! Happy New Year to you and everyone at Robert Craig,



I wanted to let you know that I did my color this morning and I am very pleased with it. The color mix you suggested (#8 & #16) is great! It's not too dark now & the grey is nicely covered overall. I see that I either missed some of the grays right at my temples or the color didn't grab there. But I really don't mind because I can't see it unless I lift up the hair.

Also, I am very happy that there was no "salon smell" & the color foam did not sting my scalp at all even though I left it on for 45 minutes. Most important, my hair feels soft and looks nice and shiny! In the past when a stylist did my hair coloring my hair would sometimes look dry & damaged. Thankfully, this did not happen with Robert Craig!!

Thank you so much for your help choosing the color. I am so glad I found out about your product. I saw it mentioned in the forums on naturallycurly.com. Now I see why people rave about it so much!

Best regards,


Karin, thank you so much for your honest advice, you truly stopped me from a disaster of going to auburn from blonde!I tried a wig as suggested and hated it! I will try a shade or so darker, that might do the trick. Nice to know you are out there for expert help! Thanks again,

Just wanted to update you on the results of my hair color after following your suggestions: It is the most beautiful shade of brown it has been in a loooong time! Not too dark, not green, just enough warmth to make it look natural and very shiny!! I applied the first stage mix (1/2 clear + 1/2 #15) and timed it for 12 min., rinsed and dried. Then I mixed 1/2 #15 + 1/2 #8 (I wanted it to be darker, so I used #8) and timed for 15 min. and....... I love it, and so does my husband! It feels like a million dollars and the 'no odor' part was great!!!! It was very easy and very little mess to clear up. I will not use anything else, so don't go anywhere!!!!!!!! Thank you for your help!


Hi Karin. I don't have a question but just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the hair color. Once I got the combination I like and the timing down, my hair looks fabulous! No more itchy, dry scalp. And, I have discovered that if I use a plastic hair cap while the color is developing, it takes much better. Now, I always use the cap when I color and leave the color on for 45 minutes.

I thought this information might be useful to someone else.


This was a response to perming over our color from a person who just finished chemo treatments:

Karin Thank you very much. I did it today and it looks great. The color is lighter but I really like it so things are great. I only partially thinned, and did not go bald so I was in a good position to go ahead. Again, you have been great!xxxjudy

First let me start out that by nature, my hair looks chemically fried... Naturally curly, dry brittle hair. Next add chemical damage, I was a mess. I was looking for a natural hair color that wouldn't damage my hair further. I read up and tried Elumen. I thought this was the perfect answer. Found a salon paid my $85 + tip and was happy with the condition. Problem with the Elumen was it washed (yes washed) out in only 4 weeks. I let several months pass and was close to just using Natural Instincts again when I came across your site. For only a couple of dollars more than the store brands, I was promised color that would_not damage my hair. So I try your color and I can't believe the results. Permanent, non-damaging color that has not begun yet to fade. Thanks for this product !

I wanted to let you know that I did my color this morning and I am very pleased with it! The color mix you suggested is great! It's very close to what I had (only better) and it nicely refreshed the red tones -- without going too strong. At some point I should probably do the Color Fix and go lighter & closer to my natural color, but I'm very happy with it for now.

I see that I either missed some of the grays right at my temples or the color didn't grab there. But I really don't mind -- you can't see it unless I lift up the hair. I don't know how good a job I did in the back of my head -- I didn't have any help and I can't see it to check, but as best as I can tell, it's fine, and the gray roots I had elsewhere are covered.

Also, I love that the color has no icky smell, that it didn't sting my scalp at all even though I left it on nearly an hour, and that even though I didn't use my usual oil-rich conditioners after, my hair feels soft and looks nice and shiny. My stylist did my roots using Wells Koloston(?) about four months ago, and my hair was dry and looked bad for weeks after, plus my scalp was very dry and itchy.

Thank you so much for your help choosing the color. I am so glad I found out about your product -- I never heard of it before I started going to the forums on naturallycurly. I see why people rave about it there!

Best wishes,


PS: I absolutely love all of the products I have ever bought from you. Thank you for offering these wonderful products, esp the gentle haircolors(my Mom, sis and friends love them) and the shampoo for extra hard water which is the best ever. I have a question I need help with, I have over processed blond hair and the color is very nice but it leaves my hair very dry and straw-like in the ends. I was told that I need to deep condition at least once a week or more, can you recommend a great deep conditioning treatment that I can do at home that will leave my dry non shiny over processes hair soft and shiny? What do you use in your salon? thank u in advance.

Dear Mr. Craig,

I tried your haircolor for the first time this week, and am absolutely thrilled with the results! I learned about your product on the haircolor forum found on the naturallycurly.com web site.

I was just wondering if there are any plans to sell your haircolor at retail stores nationwide, such as drugstores, Target, and Wal-Mart. All of the haircolor currently available in these retail stores is so damaging to people's hair. I would love to be able to buy your product at these types of stores.


Mr. Craig,

I spoke with you several weeks ago and ordered the (soft water) shampoo, conditioner, and color #15. (We discussed Nexxus.)

This is one of the very rare occasions in life where products have superseded expectations. My hair (4" below shoulders) was dry, brittle, damaged (from mainstream hair dye--I am nutritionally orientated). After using your products, it is as beautiful and luscious as it was in high school. And I am decades away from then!

I have had the opportunity to try lots and lots of products (!) as I used to work for a beauty supply distributor in Florida and the islands.

Thank you for creating your wonderful products. I will continue to use them indefinitely!

Karin - I purchased the #20 color last time and I just used that color and it is unbelievable - it looks like I had my hair highlighted and I cannot believe how good your hair feels after the color and the shampoo - I am going to continue using this alone - looks great. Thnx Karin

Hi Karin,
i used the # 15, and it turned out great, just what i was looking for. not too dark and it high-lighted my grey. Thanks!!!

Hi Karen, Well, it worked! I used 3/4 #16 and 1/4 #2 and now my hair is a beautiful dark brown with ash tones of blond and a few natural-looking red strands when the sun hits it. It looks 110% better. Also, the texture is much improved (the shampoo for color treated hair helps a bunch)! Thanks so much for your advice and thanks to Robert Craig products!!
Kind regards,

Robert Craig and Karin,

I have been using your hair color product now for quite some time and I thought that you might like to know how I feel about it. You were both quite helpful from the beginning of me finding out about your product to now that I've gotten used to and trust that I have the best product on the market.

I enjoy finding out about the latest health health discoveries on the market and I feel this is just one of those that you don't have to worry about the ingredients hurting your body. You use water and hair color...how simple is that. My hair looks and feels healthy....I look years younger because it covers up the grey and nobody knows its the product that I use on my hair that is helping my overall appearance.

It was once thought that an older woman had to wear their hair short because of all the damage that hormones and hair color did to your hair...so it was easier just to go grey or use a rinse and that usually turned they hair a purple...because of the base color of the rinse.

No more...you give women a chance to look their best at any age...and all because you took the time to discover a hair color that will cover grey hair and not damage the hair.

Kudos to you and to Karin. What a team. I thank you from the bottom of my heart...because when I look in the mirror and see a youthful me....I don't have to think about it. You were the one that thought all that out for us women.

I will continue to buy your product and add different products as time goes on. You never push with emails or ads and I thank you for that. I've taken this time to discover...You are the man Robert! and I thank you...Betty C.

July 21, 2007

Hi, Karin.

Thanks again for your extra special advice on fixing my hair. I have now gone from the "Bozo-the-Clown-orange" look to a perfect shade of ash brown. I used half the bottle of powder from each of the #2 and #8 and left it on for only 5 miniutes. A small amount of orange shows in the sunlight, but now it looks like natural highlights and is so close to my natural color when I was in my 20s. And, my hair's texture is much more softer and healthier looking.

Thanks so much for rescuing me.

P.S. When it comes time for me to touch up the roots, do you think I should leave the color on the roots for about 10 minutes and 5 more for the rest of the hair?

Take care,


Hello Karin,

It's me again. You have helped me so much with getting my hair back to it's natural color. If you remember, I originally went from highlighted out orangy kind of hair. You helped me to get color and tone. Then I needed it darker still and I tried the golden beige blonde and then the coffee brown. You suggested five minutes with the coffee brown so it didn't get too dark. I had to use 15 minutes and it still didn't get quite dark enough. (I had no idea my hair was this dark.) Now this is my problem...my hair color is now very close to the chocolate brown that is on the paper color chart. My roots, which are now about an inch long, are a little darker than the ash brown, but not as dark as the natural black (the jet black is too blue) So...what color do I use next to try to get to my root color? and what color should I use for maintenance once I achieve that color to keep the grays covered? (I don't know that if I keep adding the dark colors if it will make my hair darker than my roots) Thanks again for all your help. It took over 20 years of coloring to get my hair out of wack and I don't expect to get it back to natural in the first try, however, I know I am almost there and the color is rich and natural looking. I love that it hasn't faded or changed colors in the sun. I also love the texture and softness that my hair now has.

Thanks again for all your help.

Pam H.

Hi Karin,

Just wanted to let you know I finally got to dye my hair and was very happy at the simplicity of it all. The color was perfect, no smell and easy to use.

I've already recommended it to my other "animal conscious" friends.

Thanks for being there for those of us who are not in favor of torture.

By the way, do you recommend any other company for facial cleansing products, hand/body lotion, make-up, etc? I'm a big fan of the internet but I appreciate a personal recommendation, if possible.

You've been a great help. Thanks for everything.


Shopping for Medium Brown Hair color at the local pharmacy.....about $12 bucks.
Smelling and feeling the irratation as it sits on your scalp....about $12 bucks.
Seeing the actual deep red brassy results? Again....about 12 bucks.

Using Color by Robert Craig....



Submitted by: John Green
Dallas, TX

Hi Karin,
I dyed my hair as you suggested below. It looks great! I never would have guessed the colors you suggested (which is probably why my hair looked as bad as it did :-)). I now have a beautiful medium brown hair with red tones in it. It looks so natural. I left the #19 on for 5 minutes and the #15 for 7 minutes. Now I just need to know how to maintain the hair color. The color did come out lighter and redder than my roots. I guess I have darker hair than I thought, but I really love this color. I have greys as well, less than 50%. What color would you suggest I use next time to blend in with my roots when they grow out and to help cover the grey? I really appreciate all your help. Thanks so much.

Hi Karin,

Thank you so much for your advice on my hair color. I did exactly what you suggested and my color came out beautifully. I absolutely love the color. It's been four weeks and my tone has stayed ash and has not turned orangey or gold. I absolutely love your product. I have received so many compliments on my hair color. It added dimension exactly as you said it would and it looks totally natural.

I have one question: because my hair is porous, I was going to use a neutral protein filler when I color. Is this okay to do? And if so, can you tell me the correct way to use it? The directions say that I should use it on towel dried hair and leave it on for twenty minutes and (without rinsing it out) put my color on.

I greatly appreciate your help and advise.

Thanks again for such a wonderful product.


robert craig i had to write & let you know i used your hair color for the first time, its truely very special stuff !! i went on line to look for a hair color that had little to no smell to it. i have a lung disease and can't handle smelling hair color, im 54 yrs old and i thought oh no, i have no choice but to go gray, i sent an email asking you for sure it dont have any smell as i read on your site, you assured me it didnt, so i tried it, wow! its very natural hair color the best i have ever seen! and absolutely no smell at all! thank you robert craig i can enjoy my hair color alittle longer now just cause it dont smell! i dont know why all women dont choose your hair color, cause of no fumes to hurt thier lungs! thank you again, you make me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diane

+ Comments:
I absolutely love your products, especially the shampoo for colored treated hair. I was away for a night & had to use other shampoo & my hair looked frizzy & dry. I now make sure I have a small travel bottle of the shampoo in my overnite bag. Keep up the wonderful products. Paula

Hi Karin - I have to tell you again how very pleased I am with your product - my hair since I did the color and actually before using the Hard Water Shampoo I could tell a difference but after the color and using your shampoo my hair just looks better each time I wash it - it is so healthy again and like I told you I had a collection of health food stores products and products from high end designers at very high prices. Yours is the best - I have not had compliments on my hair for over 10 years and when I was younger always had compliments upon my hair - thank you again and the color looks so natural - I have told many of my friends about your product so I am anxious to hear from them after they use it.

Dear Karin,

This time around, when I used the suggestions you gave me to get better gray coverage, I had excellent results.

I used less water, maybe a tad too much, since i got a darker color from the ash brown I used, and I upped the time used to process my hair from 45 min. to an hour. and used 2 boxes of color to keep my shoulder length hair wet with the solution.

As I said, I thought it was a little too dark, but I have been getting compliments on my hair! I am 51 years old, soon to be 52, with brown skin, (Mexican Am.) and one person commented that I looked younger! My kids say that they like my color and said it is not too dark. And most importantly, I wanted all my grays gone, and I got superior coverage. Not one gray hair in sight!

I had a reddish brown color on my hair before, and I can still see just a touch of the reddish brown, but it makes my hair look more like my natural hair color when I was youinger. At first I thought it looked too "fake", but it is more naturall looking.

And I like the idea that I am not damaging my hair. I had already damaged it with homekits and ruined my hair. I hope to get it back to health with your products.

Thanks so much, Edna

Hi Karin,

Well, it worked...I used half and half of #15 and #16 and it toned down my really yellow blonde hair. I left it on for 5 min and it feels really good as well. It is more of a warm golden blonde now.

I do have one question. As my roots grow in (which are a medium brown shade) how would I color them?

Thanks again for your expertise.

Dear Karin,

Thank you so much for your help. I followed your instructions and achieved gorgeous results! My husband is so impressed with the shine, color and softness of my hair that he is going to switch to Robert Craig color too. My question for you now is: how do I make my processed hair a bit darker with less red? Right now, the "highlights" are blending in with my natural color in a very pretty way but I know that as my hair grows out (I just had a full head of highlights applied a couple of weeks ago), I will want to make them closer in color to my natural hair color. This is what I have done so far: On Saturday, I applied 2 boxes of #15 and worked it through my hair completely before setting the timer for 6 minutes. The color change was very slight -- my processed hair just wasn't that light I guess. Sunday (yesterday), I applied 2 boxes of #8 and worked it through my hair and then set the timer for 12 minutes. Thank you again for your help! Cheryl

The color went very very well. I'm quite pleased with how it looks. I would say that it is not that different than the Aveda color I've had for the last 15 years. Next time I will have a second mirror that hangs on my neck! Seeing what was going on in the back was tough! I'm glad I picked up a coloring brush and paid close attention to how they did it the salon. Thanks for your help.

Hi Karin - my daughter put the product on the roots only - I had purchased the black foam applicators - it was so easy - just like the emails I read - my hair feels so good - the color is perfect -#15 AND #19 worked perfect - No smell and it did not run down your face or neck - such a nice product and the shampoo for colored hair in the pkge. shampoos you really don't need to use the conditioner each time I wash it - I am so happy that you were patient with me on all my questions - reading all the emails helped too. Only question - I had a lot of product that I had to throw away because it was incredible how so little product covered all the roots - the color in the 2 bottles would almost make a full bottle - I guess it doesn't matter if you don't have the water amount exact? I didn't read if you used only 1/2 a bottle how much warm water to put first - l 1/2 ounces? I guess you just play with it - now I need to tell more friends about your product - anxious to hear what my co-workers say when they come into the office.

Just wanted to e-mail to say thank you for your help and for your wonderful products! I am hard to impress, and I am very impressed with Robert Craig products. I called and talked to a nice gentleman about my haircolor options. I have very dark brown/black hair, and it had become lightened over the summer by the sun and swimming to the point that it became highlighted with auburn highlights. I didn't like the highlights, and I attempted to color my hair back to it's original brown/black color using a popular drugstore brand haircolor. Well, the haircolor looked good for all of 2 weeks and then completely washed out (it was supposed to be permanent! Guess not!) and to make matters worse my whole head of hair was now even lighter! I suppose from the peroxide in the haircolor. My hair had become a medium brown/auburn color that I did not like. I was concerned that coloring my hair again would make it even lighter in the end. I searched online and found Robert Craig Haircolor. I ordered the Dark Brown color, along with a bunch of other products (one being the 3-in-1 Shampoo for Color Treated Hair which I LOVE! I'll never have to use a separate conditioner ever again. It's an awesome product that leaves my hair so soft and silky!). Anyway, the gentleman on the phone said that because my hair was previously colored it would probably accept the haircolor quicker and darker than normal/virgin hair. With this in mind, I applied the Dark brown haircolor and left it on for 30 minutes. Then I rinsed and washed with the Shampoo for Color Treated hair. The result? G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! Absolutely gorgeous, perfect color! I now have my deep, dark, rich espresso brown/black hair color back. My hair is softer and more shiny than it was before I colored it too. To say I am pleased with Robert Craig haircolor is a huge understatement. I plan on purchasing the Clear Haircolor to add additional shine and brilliance every 4 - 6 weeks. And I plan on using the Dark Brown haircolor every September (after the sun and swimming of summertime) to color my hair back to it's original dark color. This way, I can keep my gorgeous shiny hair looking beautiful forever! Thank you Robert Craig for your awesome products! I will never let any other brand of haircolor touch my head ever again. Please don't ever stop making your haircolor, because I'm going to go grey someday, and then I am really going to need your products! LOL! Thanks again!


+ Comments:
Last month I colored my hair with Robert Craig color for the first time. I am very pleased with the luxurious color and the FEEL of my hair, and I do think the shine is enhanced with your color. Thank you for making coloring so easy and odor free.

Hi Karin, I emailed you once before and you recommended to me Golden brown and golden chesnut. It was exactly what I wanted. Just a natural dark brown. My hair loved the formula and its super shiny!!

I was wondering if you could tell me a way to make it a warmer brown though? I like the color but would just like it to be warmer.

Also is there a way to make my hair a lighter brown? Not real light just a little lighter and warmer?

My hair has been colored alot so it takes color well and is naturally a dark brown. This is why you said you recommended 6 and 7 because the others would make it too dark and what you said was right.

So if there is a way to make it warmer and maybe lighter I would love to know because I feel this was a little too flat of a brown? So far this is the best hair color i've used on my hair Though!!


Just thought I'd let you know that I first tried your product based upon a small write up in the Good Housekeeping magazine. This is my second purchase - the first color and highlight turned out very nicely and I do like how my hair feels and behaves!



I just have to say I love your hair color and I won't be using anything else. You have to put this in your testimonials!!

I am the one who had the bleached blonde hightlights through my dark brown hair - ugly contrast and too streaky and dry looking!!! Karin suggested using #15 and #19 and mix them together...Well, let me tell you, my hair hasn't felt so soft and looks heathly. As well, I ended up using (after a few color timings because I wanted the hightlights to be more golden and more blended) the entire contents of #15 with 1/2 of #19 and now my hair is a bit lighter brown with subtle golden hightlights and nothing streaky! Amazing. I haven't been this happy with a hair color I get done at a salon. I will be a spokesmodel if you need one. There is no other color like Robert Craig's and you really need to get the WORD out on your color. I only found your website because I was looking for photos of haircolors I wanted to bring to a salon and your website came up. I was curious and said "what the heck" I really need to try this and see for myself. I live in Arizona and know there is a salon that uses your colors..but people really need to save money and by using your color they can save money and have healthy hair all at the same time. Robert Craig, way to go to come up with such an amazing product. You are a legend!!! Karin, thanks for your suggestions; you are amazing.


+ Comments:
Thanks again--my "too light blonde hair" is gracefully beginning to blend in with my natural dark blonde roots. The condition of my hair is amazingly better this winter using your color product.

Dear Robert Craig

I want to thank you for creating such an amazing product. Before I found it, I was having my hair colored at a salon that used Redken products. Within a couple of years I noticed my hair started to thin out and eventually became lighter in color. I am Indian and have very dark hair-black. This was a real problem, also the texture of my hair changed significantly, almost straw like. Naturally my hair is thick, shiny and very dark. I was incredibly distressed and started to look for alternatives via the natural stores when I came across an article in "Health" magazine about you. I decided to try it out and one short year later my hair feels like it did when I was twenty. I get regular compliments on my hair from others and have to agree. My hair looks amazing and as that commercial goes "I am worth it". I am now using the dark brown permanent hair dye of yours and "I LOVE it" . I am a life long customer,,, Thank You! for your genius, and thank you for making it available to everyone. I recommend your product to all my girlfriends and anyone who will listen.

your most loyal customer


Good Afternoon!

I just wanted to write and tell you about my experience with Ann at Riah Salon and your Products.

After moving to Manhattan a number of years ago, my hair and I have had many an unfortunate experience. From ugly, yellow, washed out "blond" coloring, to fried, over-processed nightmares, costing hundreds of dollars each disappointing session. Consequently, I was reluctant to try again.......and it was over two years before I got up the nerve to research salons specializing in color and highlights.

Then I found Riah, in Soho. To say the least, I carried in a very apprehensive demeanor. I explained my concerns, and Ann listened and understood. She did not push when I said I would like to just start with a trim. I have a waist-length, wavy (and therefore erring on the side of "frizzy") head of hair. Ann was very accommodating, and trimmed just what was necessary, checking along the way to make certain I was comfortable. The cut was beautiful. The next day, I decided to throw down and call Riah back for an appointment for full color and highlights. The day I showed up for the appointment, I was very pleased to know that it was Ann who would be handling my color. She picked the most perfect shade of chocolate-ashy brown and spent a great deal of time and effort on my highlights. What a miracle!! I have NEVER, ever, been happier with my hair!! After two months, the color is still rich and the highlights bright and sharp. Many have asked where I go and what products I use, and I will tell them about Riah and Robert Craig again and again and again.......I am hooked!!!

I very much look forward to visiting Ann and Riah on a regular basis......and plan to have a VERY long love-affair with Robert Craig Products!!!



After numberous emails with you where I wanted to go back to my natural dark brown color after an orangy highlight disaster with a hairdresser, you recommended coffee brown and I wondered if that may be too light since my natural color is dark brown. Well you insisted so I got coffee brown and the color matched my natural dark brown roots exactly! It was then ready to get highlighted since I like a dark natural base with highlights. I also want to add that I love the fact that the color is permanent yet not damaging. My mother, after seeing my hair, also asked my to get her some next time I order. I LOVE your products. Thanks again, Ellie

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with correcting my orange, splotchy hair color. I used the two products you sent me, mixed ˝ and ˝, and the results were just what I wanted. Thank you again for your personal attention and advice.


I just got my order and gave it a try. My hair feels and looks great. I will definitely be reordering after Christmas!

Are there any salons in the Boston area that you would recommend?

Thanks again love your product.

Dear Robert Craig

A while ago I ordered the item below and rang you to say that it was too dark (my mistake) and asked for some help.

A gentleman kindly rang me back to assist me and gave me some excellent advice and asked for me to let him know the results.

This has taken some time as I've been away and tied up but I just wanted to say that, as he said, the colour did fade in three weeks, very slightly, sufficiently enough for it to be a perfect colour - a dark mousy brown as opposed to the coffee brown I ordered.

Looking at the website I can see where I made my mistake and thank you for ringing me back in the Bahamas where I live.

The product, by the way, was nice to use and I wouldn't hesitate to use a Robert Craig product again. I also very much appreciated it was not full of chemicals like other hair products as I'm learning more and more the damage these chemicals do to us - internally and externally.

Many thanks again. Please pass this note on to the person concerned.

Kind regards, Caraline

+ Comments:
I LOVE your products!! Thank you! My red hair is wonderful, and so is my daughter's dark brown hair. Easy to use, and leaves the hair in super condition.

Just wanted to let you all know how happy I am with your product. I've been using hair color for years. Now finally in my 40's I HAVE to use it!! I am thrilled to find a product with no ammonia. I could actually be around my family while coloring without chasing them out of the room from the odor. It did a beautiful job of covering my gray hair and left my hair in the most fabulous condition. It is silky and shiny, with lots of body.

The next step will be to see how well it holds up now as the weeks pass. But for now, I'm a customer for sure. Thanks again for making such a great product and giving such helpful advice on your website!

Merry Christmas,

Hi karin--
I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your advice on choosing a hair color for my hair and I am very pleased with the hair coloring product itself.

You suggested me using 3/4 # 6 and 1/4 #11 and apply for 5mins and applying more color if need be. Im truly happy and satisfied with the application and product. Thank you again.

+ Comments:
For so long I have been trying to find a hair color that I could say I was completly satisfied with. Now I have!! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Dear Robert Craig:

In looking at your website, I see your company has grown quite a bit since I started using your products.

I think most of a company's success stems from good customer service as well as a great product. In this regard, let me say that your customer service has been wonderful, for me at least, and your products are equally wonderful. I hope you continue to keep up the level of service and product quality which I have grown quite accustomed to.

Congratulations to say the least.


Hi Karin,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my hair color package yesterday and I colored today mixing 3/4 #8 with 1/4 #10 and it turned out so nice. It blends better than any color I've ever used (no orange roots thanks to your suggestion of how to apply!) My hair feels really healthy too. Thank you so much. I had partially used bottles of hair color in my cabinet and I emptied them all out and threw them away after using Robert Craig. If I wanted the end result to have just a little more mahogany (not a lot)the next time I color can you tell me how I would mix the colors? Also, my Mom is anxious to try Robert Craig but she is completely gray. She doesn't want to go all dark - she wants some of her gray to show through (kind of like salt and pepper I guess). Can you recommend a color or colors for her and how to apply? (She is naturally dark brown - but I know she doesn't want to go quite that dark). You're so incredibly helpful - thank you so much. I will tell everyone I know about your hair color.


Hi folks,

Just wanted to tell you how ABSOLUTELY PLEASED I have been/am with your products and superior customer service.....BRAVO & THANK YOU!

I have received very helpful advice from both Karin (online) and Robert (on the telephone). You folks have "saved my locks." Your haircolors are natural looking and very gently on even the most previously abused hair. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Being a firm believer in sharing wonderful discoveries with others, I have made it a point to tell everyone I know who does use or may use hair color about your website. I have shared your product's attributes with Sally's Beauty stores and the 3 health food stores in Naples, FL in hopes that they might begin to carry your products or at least recommend them. I have also told a few cosmetic companies that sell natural make-up about the gentleness of your products. And lastly, when chatting in forums online dealing with how to obtain great haircolor without damage, I made it a point to tell others about your "stuff."

Anyway, all that being said to just let you know you are appreciated for what you have to offer, and I want to insure you stay in business for a long long time! (plus, I like sharing with other women ways to improve their health and looks; it's in my nature, as a Massage Therapist, Holistic Health counselor.....)

Blessings to you and much continued success!


+ Comments:
very satisfied customer!! Love your product!!

+ Comments:
My gray was less noticeable after growth, Wow! But I am after 1.5 mos retouching. Great, there is no smell too. I am happy with this hair dye. Will order everytime from your website. Smiles.


your advice and the products worked beautifully! Thank you again so much.


+ Comments:
Your hair color is the only one that works on me after a hair disaster, it's a life saver!

I just wanted to let all your viewers know I have been using your hair dye for about 2 years now, I go no where else for it! About 2 years ago I was very upset as my hair was falling out from the roots not breaking and I was getting a lot of white hair I was only 38 at the time and kids would say I had bald spots working at the school, I personally feel it was from stress, but I'm sure the chemicals in the dyes didn't help as it seemed to fall out more right after using dying my hair, I came across your site, spoke with Karin via e-mail and your staff was very kind, and understanding, and knowledgeable about hair, I gave it a try and Love>> 1. The price, 2. The fast shipping 3. Knowing I'm putting no chemicals on my fragile hair! 4. The customer service . Its now two years later my hair shortly after using your product stopped falling out and had since regrown and Now healthy! I would never switch to another product because yours fulfills all I'm looking for!..thank you for having great hair dye!

Dear Karin,

It has taken me until tonight to finally go through with coloring my hair with the Robert Craig product. I have been so afraid, but I finally decided to just do it. I was worried, because I did have some roots coming in and I thought it might make matters worse. I did use the # 8 and instead of leaving it on for only 5 minutes, I left it on for about 15 minutes. I did perform a strand test, but I did not see a difference in color. I think I may not have mixed the solution with the proper proportions. Anyway, that made me go for it more, because I thought it wouldn't make a drastic change.
I cannot express to you how pleased I am. The color blended well. I actually have the slight golden tone that I was looking for the first time I colored it with the store brought product. The orangish color is gone! The brown color is so natural, no orange/red or bright orange/yellowish tone, and my hair is so shiny. I am so impressed! Now I am thinking that I should have left it on a little longer, because a few of the stubborn grays did not take to the color. I now know that I trust the product enough to leave it on longer next time. What I would like to do is add some more gold and/or copper highlights, because I like a multi tone effect. Is there a color or mix or particular effect that you recommend? Also, once the roots start coming in, do I continue with the # 8? I feel the the color closely matches my natural color, so I am not sure that dramatic roots will be a problem.

I just wanted to thank you for being so honest. You are true to your product and the fact that you answer each e mail is astounding. I will never use another hair coloring product again. Robert Craig products are that of quality and the company exudes integrity. The testimonials are definitely true. Why in the world salons are continuing to use ammonia based hair dyes is beyond me. Keep up the awesome job.

Thank you so much!

Hi I have a testimonial for your product - I used it last night - I used the ultra blonde highlighting kit and the # 16 color toner with the clear toner and it looks great - I already had some professional highlights and wanted them lighter and I was a bit afraid that they wouldn't lighten or break off but they look fab! Also the darker parts of my hair took the color great too even though my hair is very resistant - It took 2 hours and 2 applications of the bleach to lift - It lifted well and I am very happy. Over the years I have used many different products but this is the best. And it has given me the best results


Hi, I just received my color fix stuff this afternoon...super fast shipping! thanks so much for that and for your great advice! My hair is back to normal after just one application...what a relief!
I just wanted to thank ya'll for being so great at what you do!

Hi Karin,

I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago about coloring my relaxed hair and followed your advice to leave the color on for only 5 minutes. I love the color and my hair is shiney and soft. How often can I refresh the color by leaving it on for 5 minutes? How long can I expect the color to last since I only left it on for such a short time?


We do have mistakes happen from time to time with our product as can be expected with any hair color product - our mantra is "strand test, strand test, strand test" - until the strand test looks good the color should not be used - when one color does not work or the timing or result is not what one desires one does need to strand test again and not assume that the new choice is just automatically going to work - it really avoids mistakes - when these things go wrong on a strand test then calling or emailing us is the best time to get more information about what can or should be done - we also sell products like Colorfix to remove color that may have gone wrong so, once again, contacting us to find out how to fix a mishap as soon as possible is the best thing one can do - coloring over color treated hair can take as little as five minutes so the strand test is extremely important. This customer ask that we post this here.


"I recently purchased two colors of your product line, Light Ash Blonde and Light Golden Blonde. My hair is color treated blonde. I tried a test of Light Ash Blonde and it was much to dark, so I used the Light Golden Blonde. Well......it turned my hair a DARK BRIGHT RED. IT IS HIDEOUS. I'm afraid that my only solution now is to color it dark brown. Which I absolutely do not like, but anything is better than red. Donna"

Well, my hair now looks great thanks to all of your help; in the sunlight my hair looks absolutely fabulous! Thank you!


I received the order today and used the product. It did everything you said it would. It was great to see a color closer to my natural color. Thanks so much. You have a steady customer.

+ Comments:

I LOVE your hair color! I wish I had discovered it years ago, but thankfully, my daughter introduced me to it. Thank you so much for making a much-better-for-my-hair product--non-smelly, easy to use, plus Fabulous Color & Shine! It's the greatest!

+ Comments:

Hi Robert, Thank you everyday, and especially everyday someone asks me who I go to for my color.


Hi Karin! I received the Light Chestnut haircolor you suggested to tone down the orange color my hair has when I pre-lighten. It worked beautifully! I left it on for 5 minutes like you said, and I now have a beautifully warm chestnut color. The PERFECT color base for pulling my blonde highlights! And remember...my natural haircolor is BLACK! My hair is soft and healthy. Thanks again for all of your help. I will ALWAYS remain a customer of Robert Craig hair color!


I wanted to let you know of the wonderful results I've had with Robert Craig products. I used to use store bought hair dye products, such as Clairol, Loreal, etc. After using these products, I always felt sickly afterwards. I am allergic to most alcohols, and I am sure ammonia and peroxide are not the greatest for my health either. I am very sensitive to certain types of perfumes as well, since they contain alcohol of sorts.

But with Robert Craig products, I always feel great after using them. My hair looks BETTER with Robert Craig than with any other product, and my health is better. I feel confident when using these products that my hair will turn out great. I never worry that I am going to feel tired or sickly afterwards.

Thank you so much for making these products. They have made a difference in my life.



+ Comments:
I absolutely love your product. It covers my grey like no other color I've tried, and I've been a hair stylist for 37 years, now retired. Great products!!!

+ Comments:
I absolutely LOVE this hair color. It's been a few months since I colored and the color is just a vibrant as the day I colored it! Thanks so much! Wendy

+ Comments:
I love your products.I had extremly damaged hair(from a bad perm) before using your products.My hair is on healthly and shines beautifuly.Thank you for saving it.Sincerly,Carmen

+ Comments:
I received my first order last week; only purchased small 2oz. sizes to try. My fine, limp, water-softened hair has never looked so great! I'm receiving compliments everyday. I just love your products!

+ Comments:
This is the only hair color I've ever used that hasn't harmed my hair. I won't use anything else! Thanks for a great product.

+ Comments:
I Love You PRODUCTS!! My neice was the one that told me abt this site...I take alot of med's and i can't use harsh chemicals on my hair and she told me to try this product and I'm very happy how boucing,soft and shine my hair has now. HAPPY TO HAVE TRY YOUR PRODUCTS.
Robert Craig THE BEST!

Hi Karin-

Just wanted you to know how happy I am with the haircolor I purchased, Light Ash Blond. I left it on for 25 minutes and obtained a great, natural result. Any brassiness I had has been toned down considerably, and my hair feels terrific. No more fragile strands from ammonia, and no horrible fumes! This will also allow me to grow out my natural haircolor again, and simply enhance it.

Warm Regards,


+ Comments:
Your hair products are great for men. This is the only product that has ever been used on my hair that does not turn red and always looks completely natural.

Thank you Mr. Craig for your time via email as well as on the phone helping me to fine tune my color choices. I only color the top portion of my hair due to some silver coming in now. Previously I used 2 other product lines that I would purchase at a beauty supply store. They were great for a while but then my hair became very brassy and too red for my tastes as well as the condition of my hair became dry and brittle.I have long hair so I did not like having to cut if off when it got pass my shoulders because of the previous products I used. Thank you for helping me to match your colors to my own natural color. People are surprised when they find out I do color my hair which is a great complement. I use your shampoo and conditioner, your shine spray as well as your hairspray. My hair is in great shape and not dry or brittle in the least or brassy. I have found when I color my hair, the longer I leave the color in my hair the better it is for covering my silver AND without destroying my hair at all. I ocassionally take your color product in to my hair stylist when she trims my hair to apply for me.


+ Comments:
Love your hair color!! Even my hair stylist is impressed with the condition of my hair...

Hi, I was going to a salon for years to have my hair done and had a few bad experiences. I originally wanted to purchase the haircolor I was getting at the salon and do it myself at home. I was having difficulty finding it but came across your website. I wrote to Karin and asked a lot of questions and found out that the color I had been using at the salon did indeed contain ammonia and peroxide. I had thought I was using a gentle product and the current condition of my hair began to make sense. I was very scared to try your product but excited at the same time. I have a lot of resistant gray on the crown of my head and scattered grays throughout. I purchased #19 medium blonde and your shampoo for color treated hair. I am so pleased with your product. I cannot believe the excellent results I achieved!! Your shampoo is wonderful! I would also like to try your other hair care products. I would assume that they are okay on color treated hair? The medium blonde was a perfect match for my current hair color. When I did the strand test I got a very dark color and was alarmed, I called and spoke with a consultant who was very helpful. I will never go back to the salon for hair coloring again! I am so excited about slowly going back to my natural color and just covering the gray. I am telling all my friends about your wonderful products.


+ Comments:
Great Product! Been ordering since 2000.

I just wanted to express that your product is great and covered my gray as promised. Keep up the good work and thank you for a alternative way to coloring hair.


+ Comments:
I am pleased with your hair color! Although I did not do a test strip the first time, and went a lot darker than I had planned, the color was still really nice, and I just added high lights. I still have a lot of pre-bleached hair, but just did a root touch up, and that really was a breese. And, even with my hair being quite porous, and shampooing daily, the color is staying very well.

Hi Karin:

I finally did my hair and I love it! The color is a beautiful dark blue/black and it covered my grays completely. The only gray left is on little tiny hairs that didn't get any color. My hair is very soft and not frizzy not to mention I don't have a headache like I usually get when I color my hair with OTC stuff. This is by far the BEST hair coloring I have ever used, and believe me I've used them all. I will definitely mention this to my hairdresser - in fact, I will take my boxes and let him do the work - since my hair is so long it takes forever (and two boxes)and I'm not sure I pulled the color through correctly, but it still looks good. My only problem - the scalp areas where my hair is thinning kept a lot of color - will that wear off with shampooing? And I missed a patch of colorant on my skin (on the back of my neck) - is there any way to get that off?

Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

Hi Karin! I emailed you a few days ago about a problem I had with my haircolor. I had been color treating my light brown hair without success and getting alot of red tones. My highlights had grown out after about 10 months and on an impulse, I decided to use a high lift blonde color. I wanted to go all blonde and was looking for a single process to make it easy and affordable to do at home. My hair turned a bright yellow gold and I hated it. I was desperate to go back to my original light brown and you suggested to use either Light Chestnut or a mixture of Light Chestnut and Beige Blonde and leave it on for about 5 minutes. I couldn't wait to receive your answer about how to fix it, and I ordered Light Chestnut on my own and the Golden Blonde as a filler - as your website suggests. I also ordered the clear to add shine. When my order arrived yesterday, I tested a strand with a mixture of 1/2 Light Chestnut and 1/2 Clear and it took about 12-15 minutes to see a difference. I was afraid that if I left it on longer it would turn too dark, and I had also heard that adding ash to gold could turn my hair green. To make a long story short, 12 minutes was the perfect timing and it turned my unnatural bright gold hair into a beautiful, soft light brown with subtle gold tones. You cannot tell that I had bright yellow hair yesterday, there is no difference between the roots and the ends but there is a mixture of very subtle high and lowlights in the color, making it look very natural. My natural color is still a little bit darker, and when I am ready to recolor I am wondering if I should use the Light Chestnut on my roots. My hair naturally has some gold to it and I am wondering if using the Light Chestnut will remove the gold from my natural haircolor or will it all blend together? Also, sometime down the road I think I would like to try your highlighting kit, of course after I get a few trims in between to make it healthy - but only if you think it would be safe to do considering what I just did to my hair? Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I couldn't be happier with the results, and my mother and sisters are ready to place their orders. I am so grateful that I found Robert Craig haircolor, but just wish I could have found it sooner!

+ Comments:
I am a personal trainer working outdoors most days and spend at least an hour a day in chlorine. Your hair color and shampoo have been the best I have run acrossed, helps to prevent dryness and really adds shine. So glad I've found this product.


+ Comments:
I was a winner in your "no more bad hair days kit" giveaway. Thank you again, so much, I think all of your products are just GREAT! Special thanks for making fool proof hair color that actually leaves my hair in it's very best condition.

+ Comments:
Love the hair color and the expert help available. Thank you!

Hi Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me the 2 times I called. As I mentioned yesterday, I am very pleased, actually elated, to have discovered your hair products and excellent service. I did a lot of research to educate myself on coloring hair as I was absolutely clueless about the whole process. I visited beauty supply stores, checked out books at the library, and read all I could find on the web. I was very impressed with your website and found almost endless information. I actually printed out over 50 pages of testimonials from your customers so I could read each one and highlight noteworthy comments. It was very exciting to think I could color my hair at home and not be fearful of damaging my hair in the experiment. On the phone you took the time to listen and analyze as you definitely made the right suggestion in the color choice. And...my hair seems to be healthier, have more body and performance as a result of the coloring. The little shampoo bottle provided is very concentrated, my hair seems to appreciate it, and I am getting several shampoos out of it. I placed an order with you yesterday for more color plus the shampoo and the mousse.

Anyway...I do have one question, please. I used 50% each of number 15 and 19 on my dark blond/light brown hair. I am not 50% gray yet, but the new growth is definitely more of a drab light brown. I will probably be able to continue with the color suggested for awhile - I'll just see how it goes. Is there anything I should keep in mind as I do get more gray hair and the fact that I do want to gradually go lighter as I get older? I am 52 years old with a little longer than shoulder length hair (somewhat layered - roller set).

Robert...thank you for your personal assistance. I hope that you continue your business and prosper.


+ Comments:
I ordered your no more bad hair days kit after reading about it in Shop etc. magazine. My hair has never looked better. I've had trouble in the past with conditioners leaving my very fine hair flat. My hair is full and shiny. I just love your products.

Hello Karen!! Thank you so much for your advice!! I did purchase the hair color and I loved it!! It is the best product I have ever used! I will recommend Robert Craig hair color to all of my friends. I had a bad hair color incident and my hair was not in the best of shape. I applied the color to my hair and my hair is now very shinny and I acomplished the color I wanted! Without the damage of regular hair dyes.
Again, THANKS!!!


This testimonial is long overdue. It took me 3 coloring sessions for me to get my hair the way I want( why 3? I'm a slow methodical learner) For you to understand why it took me 3 applications for me to get the results I wanted, let me tell you my situation. I'm African American with tight coily hair whose natural hair color is about 90% gray. Since October 2004 I've been transitioning out of a relaxer with the goal of growing back a healthy head of "natural hair". Because of the two textures, my hair was gray and thick in the roots and brassy red/brown & straight on the ends.

Given that "transitioning" in and of itself is a challenge, I did not want to further complicate things by using the wrong color. So first I contacted Karin regarding color advice. I experimented with chesnut & clear, and finally I've found satisfaction with Coffee Brown with clear(3:1 proportion)

I also was afraid of getting too dark a color. So I figured if I worked with the clear & color mixture I would eventually find the color I wanted.

During the process I learned a few things: 1) read the instructions in detail and make notes of subtle points which relate to your hair. I overlooked during my first coloring using 2.5 ounces of water instead of 3 ounces(because I have so much gray hair) I overlooked applying a plastic bag to the hair to help with coloring gray hair. By my third application I had all these points covered.

Another time I contacted Karin,and she recommended using perhaps 2 bottles of color. That worked like a charm for me. I was miscalculating the amount of hair I had because of the straight ends.

Anyway, I could go on. But needless to say I'm am just thrilled with this product. I love that it is odor free and non caustic. I just love it. I'm optimistic about maintaing a beautiful hair color throughtout my transition.

Thanks Karin and Robert.


Hi Karin-
I just wanted to thank you for your prompt response and tell you how my bad hair saga ended! I called a color corrective specialist and was told I could get color and highlights for $82 which didn't make much sense to me, so I decided to order your salon products anyway since it seemed like a good gamble to try to remove some of the dye. Anyways, I did the colorfix for 20 minutes and I did not do the second step at all with the peroxide. My hair was a light orangey color but seemed pretty even for color. I strand tested and then colored it all over with the light ash blonde for only 10 minutes (I had also purchased ash brown in case I wanted to go darker). It came out great!!! It is pretty light (which is what I had originally wanted) and some golden, but only the tiniest hint of any reddish color which just looks like a highlight. I thought I would highlight it but now I think it looks good just the way it is. I'm not sure what to do when my roots grow in, but I'm going to enjoy it now!! I'm so glad to have all that color build-up gone.
Thanks again!

+ Comments:
Love these products! Going on vacation in June and won't leave home without them. So easy to color, no odor, no mess. Hair shines which it never did even when I paid $150 for coloring at salon. Thanks for all your help with choosing colors. Arlene

First of all, THANK YOU for Robert Craigs hair dye! It's the ONLY one I've ever tried that truly stays the color it states.All other brands have turned brassy or red on me, not Robert Craigs!! I use Coffee Brown and have been thinking of going one shade lighter.

Thanks for everything. You have a customer for life. Both you and Robert have gone above and beyond and as a small business owner myself, I really appreciate your help.I have become a loyal user of Robert Craig products because of the people as much as the product. I think I will wait on any highlites for a while.Till my hair grows a bit.

Hello Karen,
I recently ordered the No More Bad Hair Days Kit and then ordered the 16 oz bottle of the shampoo for extremely hard water. We have extremely hard water and even w/a Paragon Shower Filter from Home Depot it still tests extremely hard water. The shampoo does help alot. I was recommended by a friend and then I recommended a friend of my own to order it and she loves the soft water shampoo! I was just wondering if you have any curly hair tips for my naturally coarse/thick hair. It is porous and doesn't seem to like chemicals. Any suggestions?
Thank you!


Good news!
I just wanted to let you know that I used the Golden Chestnut #7 for the first time today, and I am very pleased with both the product and the results. I did a couple of strand tests--one for 15 minutes and another for 30. In both cases the result was lighter than I desired, so I ultimately left the color on for 45 minutes. The result was exactly the color I was looking for--a subtle darkening of the color I already had (and pretty good coverage of gray areas).
Thanks for suggesting that I start with the lighter color. I was a little afraid I would come up with something startlingly different from my current color, in which case I would had have to wear a hat or a wig to work tomorrow......or deal with the kind of attention one never likes ("Oh! You did something DIFFERENT to your hair!"----instead of "Wow! You hair looks gorgeous today!").
I love the fact that your product has no discernable odor. Even though my beautician was using a demi-permanent color, it had an offensive beauty-parlor smell that annoyed me for two days after each round of coloring.
I'm looking forward to fine-tuning the color as I go along (I love having control!)
I'd like to add just the slightest hint of red next time. I bought a package of Medium Auburn. Any suggestion on the amount of auburn I should mix with the Golden Chestnut to add a very subtle amount of red?
Thanks again for your advice.

Hi Karin-
My name is Kelly...the dark blonde who dreams of being platinum!! I wanted to just give you a quick update as promised. I spoke with my hairdresser and gave her your instructions...my appointment was Monday night...we bleached using 20 vol without heat...then removed...washed...dry...and bleached again...washed..dry..toner. I am very pleased with the results...it really is very close. The past trials are still on the very ends of my hair...but the roots and midsections look great. I wanted to thank you...and I really can't thank you enough...as I mentioned previously, this has been a long road...with so many failures...I finally think we got it down....!! Thanks again for the expert advice. It is truly much appreciated.
Take Care
Kelly-Platinum Princess.

+ Comments:
Thank you for your wonderful product. I am "sold" after my first order last month....and am telling all my friends about this terrific alternative to over-the-counter brands that damages hair. After one use, my hair was in much better condition with a natural, lovely color which I "mixed" myself. I actually mixed three shades, and came out with the exact result I wanted....a medium golden auburn. Very easy to do, and to apply. I have gotten many compliments, some thinking I had gone to a professional colorist....or found a great new conditioner....And thank you also for the very affordable prices! You deserve to be #1 with all women who color their own hair. Lucy

+ Comments:
I love all of your products! The hair color is wonderful. No more awful orange hair. And after years of paying a small fortune to various hair salons, my hair now shines! And best of all, your color does not harm the hair. It is finally soft, vibrant and beautiful. I couldn't be happier. Thank you. Arlene

Dear Karin,
Please feel free to add this to your list of testimonials. I have used henna to color my hair for five years. My new hairdresser said that the heavy coating of the henna on my fine hair was what was causing the lack of natural curl and volume, and she recommended to stop using it. I asked you how to prepare my henna-dyed hair for Robert Craig coloring and you responded. Last night I used the mineral oil treatment and this morning I used color #13 with fantastic results. Everything I have read has proven true. Thanks so much. I will be a faithful customer from now on and can't wait for my hairdresser to see my lustrous locks next week when I go in for my regular trimming!
Best Regards,

Dear Robert,

Oh the wonders of the Internet! I wouldn't have found you without it! While searching through Google to find someone to tell me what color(s) to use on my hair, I found your site. At 58, still feeling youthful and working out regularly, I have gone from salon to salon the last 18 months, and at no time did I walk out thinking I looked better than when I went in. Seemed like my age had caught up with me. I wasn't cute anymore. Several months ago I bought an OTC..10 minute product..neutral brown, to cover up my previously lightened and orangey streaked hair and (if I can remember that far back and from my roots) I have more of an ash bro/black natural hair color, with gray of course. My skin though, is more golden and I don't wear cool colors well. Back to the OTC dye job, it certainly covered the old color, the most unusual and flat brown, nothing like any human's hair color I've ever seen. At a subsequent salon visit, the colorist's suggestion was to foil in some highlights on the top. And she looked at a picture I had brought along, to show the style I wanted, and said "Great hair style." The highlights were okay, but didn't blend into the flat brown, and, the ends seemed frizzed and on top of the brown the frizz really stood out. (She also proceeded to give me a cut that was certainly unlike the picture.) So, the last two months, I have done my own trimming and adjusting and have a hair style I can live with. Meanwhile, I had grown a good 3/4" of darker/ashier roots, and just didn't know who to trust for color anymore. That leads me to the present time. I read every word on your website, and read it again. I saw where I could get a color chart, and being concerned that my monitor might be misleading, ordered the chart. Also being ready NOW to do something, I used your consultation to get your suggestions. I bought #6 Golden brown, and intrigued with the "clear" I ordered that too. I thought I might use it over the highlighted portion. I decided to try the colorfix to get rid of some of the brown, so it wouldn't interfere with my new color. Now here's what I did. I clipped up the crown that had the highlights, and mixed the colorfix bottles 1 and 2, an ounce each, and that was plenty to comb through the lower brown portion. I rinsed and shampooed that with the hand held shower, leaving the clipped portion dry. I dried the colorfixed part and gee, it was a lovely color, and I would have just stopped there, but I still had all those ugly roots, showing up particularly on the crown. So, I continued. My hair is fine, and not thick and a little longer than chin length. Knowing how much waste I usually have in an OTC box, I mixed just 1 tsp color, and 1 ounce water. Using a 1 1/2" paintbrush, I squeezed from the mixing bottle a little strip at a time on the edge of the brush, and (in front of a 3 way mirror) I raised up the hair in sections and did the roots. Then I did around my face and the roots only of the pinned up section. After 35 minutes, I applied the rest of the bottle (yes there was plenty) and combed through all but most of the highlighted crown, just tried to put a little color on the ends of the highlights. Ten minutes later, rinse clean and shampoo.

Results?...THE GREATEST HAIR COLOR, AND THE NICEST TEXTURE, I've ever had! JOY JOY! I can't wait to tell all my 50 something friends about your products. I will be ordering other items as I run out of my on hand stash. I only wish there was a local retail outlet to satisfy my impulses.

I wish you and your products a long successful future. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Dear Karin,

I got info a couple of weeks ago on how to get brassy red color out of my brown hair. You said mix ash blond and ash brown. #2 & #16. anyway...I ordered it and got it yesterday.

I used it this morning and I cannot express to you how HAPPY I am with the results. I can't believe there was absolutely no smell..and like I said I was trying to get rid of the brassy look. And with just one application it has done a wonderful job at that. The difference with just the first use is amazing. I can even stand in the sun and I now have more of a brown color than red.
I think after a few more uses the ugly brass color may be gone for good...and my husband will have to call me something else besides "red".

Thank you very much. I am very glad I stumbled onto your website.


How can I add my own personal testimonial to your list? I just used your #10 medium mahogany and it is the most beautiful color I have ever had! It really is truly gentle and I hope I can keep this color vibrant, as red shades tend to fade more than most colors. Many thanks..

I have never used a product that was so well worth the money. My hair is back to a youthful appearance. Your hair color products are wonderful as well as the shampoos. If you ever decide to open a distributorship in Oklahoma, I hope you will contact me first. Thank you for giving me back my beautiful hair again.


Thanks Karin! I tried the color fix and it worked just as you said. I am thrilled! My hair color is now dark brown, and it even feels softer to the touch than it did when it was that horrid BLACK color! I have been reading on the website and people seem very pleased with Robert Craig's colorants, too. Although I'm happy with my color right now, when can I color again after using the color fix in the slight correction method? If you have any suggestions, I'll take them. I'm going to tell everyone I know about the color fix product and I can't wait to use some of the colorants!

Wow!!! Absolutely amazing! I did exactly what you said, I left it on for only 5 minutes and the color is perfect! It colored my highlighted hair to exactly the shade I was looking for. I can't believe I was able to go darker without disastrous results. Now, my question is, what color should I continue to use that I can leave on my hair long enough to cover the gray without ending up darker than light to medium golden brown? Thanks for your help and wonderful product!


thank you for your wonderful product i bought off the internet from your website i had faith and i ordered golden brown to correct my orange hair from store bought loreal color and your works thank you i am glad i trusted your website i never bought hair color off the internet before and i am glad i did i was hating myself for using store bought color but now it turned my hair back to brown not orange i will be a permanet buyer of your products i love your shampoos i got to thank you mary


I'm so thrilled! I applied the colorfix, just as you suggested. Then, I mixed 1 1/8 tsp golden brown with 1/4 tsp coffee brown and added 1/8 tsp. med. mahogany. It took in 5 min., just as the strand test showed, and it is beautiful. I went back and did my gray roots seperately because I needed to leave it on for 15 min. in order to color the gray. My hair has so many highlights now! It looks and feels shiny and silky and the color is a rich chestnut brown that simply glows with understated warmth. Thank you so very much. This is the color I had as a child. I'm beyond thrilled. I may add a pinch more mahogany and back the coffee off just a pinch so that it is a bit lighter, but I'm thrilled. I only want Robert Craig products from now on! I've colored my hair for 25 years and your color mousse is the smoothest product to apply. Thank you again!


Hello! I received your product today and colored my hair shortly afterward. I am so happy! The color is exactly what I wanted. I don't look like a pumpkin any more and my gray roots are gone too!

My dreadlocks are now reddish brown at the roots and gradually go to an lighter reddish brown on the ends. It looks so much better. I want to thank you for being so considerate. I will be recommending your product to just about anyone who will listen to my hair story.

Thank you so much!


Thank you! I emailed you about a month ago for advice. I ordered what you recommended but then was scared to use it...it took me a few weeks to work up the nerve. My naturally medium ash brown hair had been professionally colored [to cover gray and make less mousey] eventually ending up medium auburn fading to copper type color with medium ash brown with gray roots. Professional colorist said could not return me to or close to natural color [I wanted the copper/red to be less as it looked so manufactured] without my hair turning green. Anyway, used color fix as directed and then combo ash blonde and ash brown and my hair is beautiful! Plus, it is shining once again and in better condition. I will remain a loyal customer. Thanks again!!! Teresa

I was truly amazed at the products you sell...They do what they say they are going to do///I have had some really bad experiences at beauty salons...I had tried to color my hair and it turned out red and red is not a color for me ..When I say red it was the ugliest red I had ever seen....I type in for hair products and experts and I chose you all and I am so glad I did..'I ordered some fix-it hair color remover and i am telling you I was astonished .....IT WORKED...
Then I had also ordered a hair color ....Ash blonde and I am so pleased with this product also '''
I would recommend this to everyone ! Your products are super ...I will be ordering more ....
Thanks and God Bless

+ Comments:
Many thanks to Karin for her excellent, prompt advice! I am thrilled with the results I get with your products!

Hi, Karin,
First, I must thank you for the excellent advice you gave me previously - I have switched from an expensive salon hightlight/lowlight (that usually resulted in brassy tones) to doing my own hair with the hightlight kit and Robert Craig color to tone the hightlights, and have been getting many compliments. I am 47, with natural brown hair with 20% grey, that I highlight to brighten up and blend the grey. I have been experimenting with mixtures of clear with light ash blonde mixed with a touch of light chestnut. I want to fine-tune the color(see below).

Due to the great results I am getting, I am going to color my Mom's hair. She is 75, and has been using Nice & Easy for years, but her naturally brown/grey hair (80%grey) turns very brassy with it - I have read the articles on your site explaining why. It looks very unnatural at her age, yet she does not want to feel old with natural grey hair. She wants to look age-appropriate yet sophisticated. We plan to highlight and tone to get a nice varigated platinum blonde tone, which is how I want to progress with my own hair too. Therefore, what colors should I mix to achieve a very light platinum to beige blonde tone on the hightlights? Not too ash, not gold - almost, if you will, a more lavender-based pale blonde that will go with the coolness of the grey hairs?

I want to fine-tune the color mix I have been using, since the light ash blonde has a slight grey/green cast on its own, and when I mix it with a tiny amount of light chestnut, it improves, but it is a bit too golden. I appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you! I am thrilled with the color, shine, and condition of my hair, and love having the ability to mix the powders - like painting from an artist's palette!

+ Comments:
I've ordered once before. I want to also add that I'm pleased with your hair color results. Yes, it covers my incoming (30%) gray hair well. Because I like to keep my hair long, thank you very much for offering this "gentle" option for permanent hair coloring.

I used the Robert Craig Chocolate Brown hair color and then a month later I used the Clear color for added shine. Wow! The color really last much much longer than colors you purchase in stores and no damage at all. I love this product line. I also use the spray gel for added lift and shine.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service as well.


Hi Karin. I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I am the one who emailed you about 100 times (not literally, but a lot) about getting the orange out of my botch color job that I did with Loreal Color Experte. I took you advice as well as read some the testimonials & took the blundge just a hour or two ago. I AM THRILLED!!! I went ahead mixed #6 & #11 & the results are GORGEOUS!!! This is what I was looking for. Now, I can cancel the appointment I have to get my color "fixed" & save myself about $150. I do hope you post this on your website. Everyone who is considering their own color, must use Robert's & no other!!! Oh, one question, I think next time, I would like more auburn; would I just use less of the golden brown? Thanks again, Karin. To have never seen the mess my hair was in, you did a great job "fixing" it!! Lorie

+ Comments:
Thank you for making such great products at such a great price -- you make having beautiful hair affordable for me!

+ Comments:
Thank you. Your hair color is terrific. My hair was so dried out when I was using other products (even salon products). Now it feels and looks healthy!

Just wanted to say thanks! I was so afraid to go back to my natural color and was told by professionals that my hair was too damaged and that adding another color would just make it worse. With your products my hair is softer and more natural looking than it has been in 12 years I have a shine back. Thank you so much Chris

+ Comments:
I just tried Robert Craig color today and love how soft, shiny, and manageable my hair is. It's great to have found a permanent coloring product I can safely use on my straightened hair! Also, thanks to Karin for helping me figure out the shades to combine to get the color I wanted and eliminate the orangey tones the ends of my hair had had. Success!

+ Comments:
You guys already know this about your product but here's another pat on the back for your great customer service and such high salon quality products. Thanks for making the most perfect hair coloring product ever made. The result is so healthy looking and color lasts forever yet the fade is gradual to a beautiful natural shade until my next touch-up. I've found that its fun to mix diffrent colors personal perfection. Its impossiable to not get great results with any of your colors and products and the result outshines any other high-end color product...literally! :-)

+ Comments:
I used your hair color for the first time this morning, and I love it. My hair is thinning and it really thickened it up as well as covering the gray. Thank you, thank you.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the results of the "fix" you suggested for my highlights. I used the ColorFix and then the Golden Brown and now everything looks fab!!
Damn, you're good!


I emailed you on Monday. I had colored with the medium auburn and it was too red. I asked about what to do and if I could mix it with another color. You recommended trying coffee brown over the auburn for about 15 min. I asked about mixing a brown and the auburn together. I then ordered the golden brown and the medium auburn. I mixed the 2 together and colored for the full 45 minutes. I have to say I absolutely love it. It is the most amazing color. I have shades of red, brown, gold. It looks different in different lighting. I have to commend you on the product. It is absolutely the best hair color I have ever used. Your testimonials are so true. My hair is soft and in great condition. I have a really curly perm, a spiral and I have colored more than once with other products that left my hair dry and frizzy. My hair is in better condition now.

Thank you so much,

Hi - I got help for my over processed, damaged, brassy blonde hair with dark brown/gray roots. I emailed and also talked live to the Robert Craig office. I was advised to get Light Chestnut Brown and mix ˝ of that with ˝ Coffee Brown if I wanted to go back to my real hair color.

I was nervous about such a drastic color change, so the rep I talked to said to just use the Lt Chestnut to even out the color, letting the ash tone down the brassiness, then if I wanted I could stay with that or go gradually darker.

Well, I had so many complements with the Lt Chestnut Brown that when the roots did start to grow out again it was not too noticeable but I could see gray at my temples and since it was late fall I decided to go completely back to my original hair color. I used the Coffee Brown on my roots to cover the gray 30 min then put the rest all over to the ends for another 10 min//total 40. After I shampooed a few times, the extra red tones washed out and I have gorgeous, shiny, thick (and my hair is thin) hair that is the color of a coffee bean with light brown highlights.

I have had so many compliments that this color complements my skin tone and that I look 'younger and softer'. Can't beat that!

I tell anyone who cares what I use, so hopefully you'll have new customers. I like that it has no chemical smell nor bad chemicals which can burn skin.

Thank you!


Also, is it possible to switch 2 unopened boxes of Golden Brown from the 10/18 order? That is the color I formerly used, but I have much more grey now. I tried the Golden Blonde as a fill as suggested on your website to cover my highlights, and the lighter colorations seem to blend the grey better with less transition as the hair grows out. I have decided to start ordering the Golden Chestnut. If the two boxes are not returnable, that is not a problem.
(P.S. I stopped ordering from you for a couple of years while I started having my hair done professionally. After a couple thousand dollars plus countless hour spent getting high and low lights to cover grey, I am back! My hair was in better condition and looked better with Robert Craig!)

Thank you


Thanks for your advice. Your color recommendation worked beautifully to blend the botched highlights into my hair.


Hi Karin, just wanted to let you know I followed your advice and left the dye on for a full 45 minutes and obtained excellent gray coverage. Thank you!

I am very impressed with the color. I have been using Goldwell color for over 10 years (in a salon) and actually like my Robert Craig color even better. Also love the lack of smell and burning on my scalp.

What a great product!

+ Comments:
Great coloring products, Robert Craig -- and the consumer has control over the outcome with the ability to mix-&-match by combining dry powders. Quite empowering! I get compliments from strangers and questions from stylists on my long, red, curly hair -- thanks!

Just a short note to tell you that I tried your hair color and just love it. It is very gentle and does not dry out my hair like other products. And really, the color is lasting much longer, too. Thanks.

+ Comments:
I have been using your hair color for several years now and LOVE it! I introduced my sister to you and she loves it. A friend which has been claiming the only way to go is to have it done professionally so it doesn't look "home done" is convinced mine looks "professionally done" and wants info on your products. THANKS!!! I don't HAVE to look "old" because of my gray hair!

+ Comments:
My husband and I have been using your wonderful hair coloring for going on three years now and we would just like to say that it is "WONDERFUL" I have long hair with just a little gray and it covers that little bit of gray and the gray STAYS covered unlike with other commercial, amonia based hair colorants. Just a great product all around! My husband loves the color he gets by mixing the two ash colors together. Comes up perfect every time.

Thanks for a great product


I called yesterday and had the last of my many questions answered before I attempted to correct my previous dye jobs. I decided to deal with the red tones more than covering grey since I only had a little bit of new growth. I mixed a small batch of 1/2 and 1/2 (ash brown and ash blond) and concentrated just on those red strands. I ended up having to repeat with a second small batch today to pick up the few strands that I missed yesterday. I love that you can just make what you need.

Not only is my color beautiful, but my hair feels wonderful! My curly hair is not dried out at all. I wish I had heard about you years ago.

I do have one more question. Do you suggest that I continue using the ash shades once I remove the last of the red remnants?

Thank you for all your help.

Thank You

PS: I have had complimentary comments from my hairdresser about my haircolor, if fact, she didn't know I had color on my hair until I told her. I've really enjoyed using your product.

+ Comments:
Thank you! I recently used Color by Robert Craig. It is the first time that I haven't had a headache for two days after coloring my hair. The price is very reasonable, the shipping very quick. I'm a happy, less-grey customer!

+ Comments:
This is a wonderful product. I have used it twice so far and just love it.

You are a true genius/artist/chemist:

The haircolor came out PERFECT!! Now my sister and my mom will be writing to solve their disasters...I cannot thank you enough....I am a customer for life!!


+ Comments:
I love the color and the ease of it. The hair spray doesn't seem to take the color out, and people have commented on the shine, you guys are great!
Thanks Kate

Hello Mr. Craig,

It has been a year or so since I colored my hair for Color Me Happy (http://www.mercatur.net/hair/) so I haven't seen your site in a while. You've really expanded it! It's great! And now, for MY testimonial.

I know you sent me some ColorFix samples a year or more ago. I used it on a friend of mine - she had dumped a box of Nice N Easy blue black (shudder) in her hair. Her husband is coming back from Iraq this weekend and she was horrified that he might see her hair! I pulled the ColorFix samples out last weekend and used them. It worked great! Her hair is back to a medium brown and you'd never know she had colored her hair - it's so soft and shiny! She was so happy she cried, because she wanted to be pretty for her soldier-boy. She called it the mistake hider. I plan on ordering my own box for future emergencies!

A Big Fan!

Thank You Karin
it was a real help. i used your suggestion and it works perfectly well. i am so much relieved and happy. thanks again for being such a great help it such a disastorous situation.
thank you very much again.


I received my "Colorfix" yesterday. I did as you instructed and it turned out fantastic!!!! I only needed to apply the solution once and the color is really good, sorta golden brown - I am so pleasantly surprised. I can't thank you enough. My hair feels really good too, I was worried that it would be all dried out.

I did order two boxes of #8 and when the gray starts coming back I will be trying the color (in about 4 weeks). I am thinking about ordering the shampoo (for hard water) and conditioner and the spray in conditioner cause I do use a curling iron.

Thank you again and again.

Happy to not be "Gothic Mom"

+ Comments:
Thank you for a great product! I've used two boxes and so far I'm very pleased with the way my hair looks even after several weeks.

I'm not sure who will receive this message, but I would like to personally thank Robert for giving us such a great product. I was very fortunate to speak with him when I called to place my order. He must be a wonderful and caring person to take the time and try to help someone such as myself. It made me feel so special to think that someone so famous and successful would be so kind and truly concerned about someone he has never met.
I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. I know in time there will be a lot of changes that will take place, not all of them good. I was afraid I would have to give up my waist length hair that I have always loved. It has been a challenge to keep it looking good, and up until now, I was loosing the battle. I thought I would have to give in and have it cut shorter. After using Robert's hair color and shampoo, my hair looks and feels great! Time may change a lot of things, but thanks to Robert, I am confident that I will be able to hold onto at least one thing that has been a part of me since my teenage years. My hair has been like an old friend. Thanks for helping me keep it !!!

HI!! Wow! I did it...exactly what you suggested, Karin it went great! My hair is a nice chocolate brown..even color all over I was afraid that it would look "darker in some spots" like other "self" coloring products I've used after highlighting my dark hair, and not even a blotch! Im so happy with the results I feel like I just stepped out of the salon, honestly I don't think they could have made me as happy as I made myself! Anyways, I did use the water test strip I Ordered! Found out I have 120+ ppm...(what ever that means) so I do have to order the extremely hard water shampoo and it might help with my itchy and irritated scalp :) thanks again for your advice your doing a great thing! How often would you suggest I touch up the brown?


I'm the one who wanted to get rid of ugly red highlights. I just wanted to thank you so much for the advice. I read about Colorfix on the Robert Craig web site, bought it, and it took the red out! I don't even need to redye it. For the most part the red is completely gone, and the parts that were the darkest red are now slightly tinted orange, which isn't noticable in my hair. So overall I am very happy with the results. Thanks again.


Wanted to thank you for this wonderful product that is actually what it is portrayed to be, how refreshing! I have had many great experiences, as well as many nightmares with hair salons hair coloring! My supervisor/friend and I were sharing "hair raising stories" several weeks ago and she shared you with me; I thought, what to lose and purchase a couple of your hair color products and a shampoo, wow.

I just couldn’t believe how easy the product was to use and safe! I had to write and tell you how pleased I am and what a shock, in this world where integrity has somewhat gone by the wayside, here is a company making a positive difference; perhaps you will rub off on others, at least we can hope.

I wish you continued success and again, my sincere thanks for all you are doing.


+ Comments:
Please send me another color chart of all the different colors. Thank you for such a nice product. I will never put any other hair color in my hair!

Hi Karin,

Thank you so much for your great advise. I just colored my hair with your product (Robert Craig dark brown 3/4 & natural black 1/4) & it just looks wonderful.

I would like to know your suggestion on shampooing & other products now that I will continue coloring my hair.

I am currently using Nioxin Cleanser shampoo, no conditioner, and then I put on Radical Cream from Rusk for hair thickening/volumizing.

What shampoo should I use for the colored hair from Robert Craig? I really like the Radical Cream, can I continue using it?

Thanks for all your help.


+ Comments:
I bought the No More Bad Hair Days Kit and am extremely happy with it!

+ Comments:
Thank you for your service, I love the products and the hair color!! Will continue to do business as This is great for my hair, no stiffness after coloring always super soft and manageable! love the shampoos and can really tell the difference when I run out of your products and start to use something else....my hair rejects anything other than Robert Craig!!!

Hi again Karen, About a week ago I (Bradie ) sent a desprate email regarding my horrible hair color mistake. I did my hair this morning and I have to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I did what you told me to do and I also studied the corrective color section on you web site, my hair is not only fixed but it's positively beautiful. The color fix worked great, I only needed one application, and after I neutralized, my hair almost look normal but with a little to much yellow and orange just like you said, but not bad at all. So since the level was about perfect I decided to go with just the Ash blonde to tone it down, 5 minutes later. I have fixed, normal, beautiful medium brown hair, the color I was originally after. I seriously cried I was so relieved and happy! I can't thank you enough for your help and the Robert Craig color is the most natural color I've ever seen. I also want to thank you for all the color application information you provide on your web site. I now understand what I originally did wrong and how not to make the same mistake again. I am a customer for life and will refer you to everone I know. Thanks so much, sincerely, Bradie

+ Comments: I have been using Robert Craig permanent color for more than a year and I love it! I custom mix golden brown and dark mahogany to obtain the perfect color for me and it covers my gray beautifully. I am not a professional hair stylist or colorist but when I have my hair cut the stylists have always commented on my beautiful hair color.


I did just what you suggested, a mix of #6 & #5. It toned everything down and I now have a warm chocolate brown color with some very nice highlights. My nightmare is over! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


I am so impressed with the site and the fabulous products. You have a new customer FOR LIFE! I plan on emailing all my friends and family that color their hair to come check it out. I just colored my hair for the first time last night with the product (Golden Chestnut). It was amazing! My hair feels great, the product was easy to use and the color is perfect!!! THANKS!!!!!


I am getting increasingly more grey and highlight with your highlighting kit as well as using your haircolor for my dark hair. I actually use the Chocolate for my roots and then highlight just a few strands to "lighten up" a bit. Can I start using a blonde shade to color my greys and stop the two processes? If so, how would I know what shade to choose? The highlights I have now are fairly light, but no reddish or yellowish tint to them. It may seem like I have black and white hair but I don't. There are just a few highlights, just enough to lighten me up. I get a lot of people asking who does my highlighting and wanting a card for my hairdresser. When I tell them I do it myself and color and highlight, they don't believe me. Even my hairstylist who cuts my hair asked what products I used to color my hair with since I don't turn "red". I even asked her once if she could do my highlights for me while I was there and she said, "Why, you do just as well as I do and you save money!"

Just another compliment to your products and how easy it is to get good results at home!!

If you could advise me on a shade for highlighting with my grey so to speak, I would appreciate it!

Loyal Customer!!!

+ Comments:

The information and support provided on this website are unlike anything I've ever experienced, thank you for a great experience. Thank you Karin for your suggestions!

Hi Karin,

I used the color fix and light chestnut you recommended over my Loreal P. med auburn hair and it turned out fantastic. When I took the color fix off, my hair was yellowish gold in color. My question is Im now wanting more blonde in my hair. Im 50% gray at the roots normally so I was wondering should I use the bleach in your kit and highlight with a toner. I have brown eyes (hair is naturally med-light brown) and look best in corals, turqoise, some pinks, yellows. Years ago when I highlighted my hair, stylists leaned more to a beige blonde on me. I dont like the total blonde look on me because I think I look too washed out.

Thanks for your advise and these super wonderful products. I cant get over having used the color fix and then your products leaving my hair in such great condtion.

Im ready to order. The grays are showing a little now.



+ Comments:
I love your products!!!!!!

Words cannot express the gratitude for all your help through this - "get it back natural color" effort. The light chestnut arrived and I used it today - 25 minutes and it is close to natural color - best of all the orange is nearly all gone - color is a bit dark - hard to get used to after highlighting long hair for 30 years.. but hair feels much better. Thank you for your patience and kindness and time - I am SURE you would have rather been doing anything else but reading my panic emails. Just one more question....I have your highlighter kit. The old highlights now covered by # 15 and then light chestnut amount to about 4-6 inches of "should length hair"...should I highlight entire strands or just let it be and wait 6 months till the old highlighted hair now covered by light chestnut grows out? Thanks again for everything!

Hell0 Karin :O)

I just applied Golden Chestnut to my hair a week ago. I have dark brown Italian hair with Carmel highligths that turned a brassy color( the highlights). Robert Craig hair color gave it a beautiful and lush warm brown color with some red highlights, but a bit darker than I expected. My goal is to have a really pretty reddish brown color - not too dark, but something with a lot of pretty red highlights in it. Is there a way to do thiw with the RC haircolor? BTW, the RC haircolor is wonderful. The last time I went to the salon I think she left to toner on too long because the ends of my hair were very dry and brittle - I was about to have them all cut off. Now after using the haircolor they are so shiny and soft - it is a MIRACLE!!!

Thank you so much for your time :O)


Dear Karen,

I appreciate your being so direct with your response. I thought you would like to know that I decided to try the color anyway and accept having a darker color than I thought I needed. It came out very well (actually just about perfect) the existing highlites poke through a bit and give it a bit lighter shade. I will need to leave on the roots a bit longer next time but overall am very pleased and like your products a lot.

Thanks so much.



I just finished trimming my 3.5 year old's bangs & hair (it took me nearly an hour with all the wiggling!). I was never sure how far to take the bangs -- thank you for your hints (the triangle bang area!) and trimming from bottom layer up! My mom was a beutician and always did my haircuts but I never paid attention. Your website was very helpful and I will enjoy my new found skill!



Dear Karin,

about 6 weeks ago I ordered and used Chocolate Brown to color my med/dark brown hair which had 25% gray in it. To say that I was satisfied with the results would be a great understatement. I love my hair now. It is soft and natural and younger looking. So now I am just beginning to see noticeable gray at my temples. Also the gray hairs have faded slightly into a gorgeous golden brown highlight. I had lots of long grays because I was growing my hair out as I was dissatisfied with any over the counter and salon hair dye products and all their chemicals. So I need advice on touch up - should I touch up with a lighter color to keep those gorgeous highlights alive or order chocolate brown again? Any assistance you are willing to offer I will appreicate. Thanks for reading this way to long note!


+ Comments:

I finally got my best friend to try Robert Craig hair color. She hates the harsh color treatments on the market, but the color she was using was temporary--washed out within a week. So I bought some Robert Craig for her and put it on her hair about three weeks ago. She is thrilled with the results!

However, she doesn't like ordering by internet. Would it be possible to send her an order form so that she can order by mail?

Here is her address:


Thank you so much! :)

Dear Robert Craig Employees,

Thank you very much for not only making a great product, but for EXCELLENT customer service. I can't say enough positive things about the products and the helpful staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with. In this time where some people seem to lack good people skills, you all are very pleasant and encourage returning customers.

Just wanted to say that I love your hair color. I have never gotten my gray hair covered so well as with your hair color kits. I'll continue to buy and let others know how great your product is!

Have a good day.

Hello, Karin. I wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the results of the color. I have used it to touch up my gray roots twice and it has done the job very nicely. I love the no burn, no stink formulation and I must admit, I was skeptical as to whether or not it would truly cover my gray. I am very pleased.

Needless to say, I will be re-ordering in the near future!

Thanks for your direction in mixing and for answering my questions so promptly. I am definitely a convert! It feels so good to know that I can color my hair without risking my health.

Thanks again!

+ Comments:
I love your hair color for my grey, and am recommending your product to others. Thank you.

Hi Karin- A great big thank you to you and the developer of the best hair color-Robert Craig! I just colored my hair today using the 1/2 mixture of Ash brown and 1/2 ash blonde. It is so pretty, soft and natural! I just can't believe it. My hair is now the full,rich dynamic dark brown it once was! the texture is great and it was so easy to use. Thank you for the prompt online advice and such a fantastic product!
kathy R

+ Comments:
I love your products..it never damages my hair! Thanks so much..-

+ Comments:
I like your natural looking, easy to apply hair color. Count me in as a safisfied customer!

I used it (#19) on my blond highlighted hair and it looks great! It gave it a dark honey color. It wasn't necessary to make it as dark as the roots, it all blends well. Thank you for all the advice and help.

Hi Karin,
I wrote you about a month and a half ago about hair color, and I just wanted to say how wonderful your product is working. I'm just so happy with the results. Thanks so much!!
Melanie :)

From a winner of our No More Bad Hair Days Kits:

I received your package and was not ever near a web when I thought of telling you. Thank you very much. I have had a great improvement on the general condition of my hair, one being not needing as much conditioner since, sometimes using up to $100 month worth, talking about from Sally Beauty, and related parties. The spray is great, and so is the shampoo. Thank you.

I appreciate your advice. Will enjoy this shade for a week or two and then put Dark Mahagony over it. I'll buy some Coffee Brown to keep on hand in case some toning down of the red is needed.

You might like to know that on some internet message boards, Robert Craig products are being mentioned more and more. Not one bad word about them, and some women are discovering the haircolor and writing how pleased they are with the outcome and pleasant coloring experience. After only one time, I have become a disciple. This is a wonderful product!


+ Comments:
I am sold! I didn't think it would work. Tried one bottle. My students commented on how "fresh" my hair looked.
Dear Everyone,

I have, due to heredity and a medical condition hair that is fine AND thin. I have sought a hair color product that would not continue to damage my hair. My hair just cannot take much.

Thank the powers that be for your site...I was just surfing the WEB and ran across your haircolor. I immediately purchased the light and medium color auburn.

Let me tell you! The people at work, the day after I colored my hair with your product (light auburn) asked me

1. Did you get your hair styled?
2. Did you get a cut, it seems so much more thick?
3. Did you go to a salon for your color...it is just so natural and healthy looking!

I beamed! And so did my hair, thank you very much! You will be seeing my orders come in on a regular coloring basis.

Thanks again,


+ Comments:
I am loving your hair color. Everyone says my color looks better than when I was spending $100 on it, and the color wasn't even holding up well in between colors. You have also been very helpful with all of my inquiries, and I really do appreicate it.


+ Comments:
The best haircolor I have ever used!!!! It is so easy to use, there is absolutely no smell and makes my hair so soft and the color is so beautiful especially when light hits it. I am having a great time using different color combinations on my dark brown hair ... Thank you! Lisa


First and foremost, I would like to say thank you! thank you! thank you!, your site is the "bomb" as the young folks would say. Your site gives so much information, I think it very top notch. After perusing for half the morning I will say, your site is second to none, none of the other sites gave the information as concise as yours did. They were only pushing what I feel are inferior products and these are from top selling lines in the U.S. Their sites could afford to be as informative as possible but they chose not to. Therefore as particular a person as I am, I forged ahead and kept looking and found your site. Forgive my use of colloquial speech but I feel somewhat disturbed by what has happened to me as I've never gone through this or had to go through this with my stylist. Everyone says that it looks wonderful, but I know me and this isn't me. As well, thank you so much for your quick responsiveness to my question. That in itself is a comfort. When you've had a hair disaster as they say, quick, concise help is the first comfort in fixing the problem!

2nd and foremost a quick question: I'd already printed out the instructions you gave me in your email and posted them in my bathroom for when I begin the work. Do I need to pull my hair through a cap. It appears that my stylist did the "stripe" highlighting that I love because it gives it variation in colors, so putting the new color on do I need to pull it through a cap so that process will not be disturbed. And when do I condition it?

Yes. I went through the entire site, I read all the testimonials, facts, tips of the week, and so on, I especially read the "About Mr. Craig," section and couldn't believe my good fortune of how I found the site. (I work in the legal field so research is always key! smile)

The professionalism that has permeated from your site is obvious and believe me I perused many. I knew I'd stumbled across something wonderful when I found it and started reading. I wish you and Mr. Craig much success which I know you already enjoy. I for one will be one of your devoted fans. Is there a phone number in which I could call and I also want to know if Mr. Craig has an actual salon I could visit in the future.


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the end result. I used 1/4 ash blonde: 3/4 ash, which was just a bit too dark. But, one shampooing with ColorFix lightened my hair to just about perfect. I don't think I'll see much demarcation when it begins to grow out. When it does begin to grow out, I think I'll try mixing a 50-50 mix of ash brown and ash blonde. This should be lighter than my natural shade. What I'm hoping is that my natural color won't be changed, but the grays will turn out looking like highlights. Does this sound like a good plan? Are these predictable results?

I also bought some coffee brown, thinking this might be a good neutral shade to use as highlights over the grays, without mixing. Will coffee give me any red tones (not desirable)?

Thanks again for your help. By the way, the haircolor was as pleasant to use as your website said it would be.


+ Comments:
Really like your web site. Have my questions answered quickly, shipping is quick, and site is user friendly.


: I've been using Robert Craig haircolor since last January, and it is a wonderful product. I am 51 years old, and have been going grey for a while now. I suspect I'm about 75% grey (blame my parents), but with using Robert Craig haircolor, I'm a medium to light brown. I've lately been using Golden Blonde, but despite cutting it in half with clear, it still comes out brown. My hair is fine and slightly wavy, at about shoulder length.

So here's my question: What would be the best way for me to go gradually lighter, since I'm beginning to think I look a little goofy with darker hair at my age? My mother's hair (she's almost 80) is a beautiful white now, without any coloring. Is there any way for me to eventually get there without damaging my hair and ending up with a light blond?

Anyway, I can't say enough good things about the product; you've really saved my hair from damage, not to mention brassy color.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the info. it is just what I needed.

P.S. I tried the golden brown Robert Craig hair color this week for the 1st time - and I absolutely love the color and how great my hair feels and looks.

+ Comments:
Great stuff!! My hair looks better and feels better that it has in years! I love the fact that I don't have to use all of the color at once..The other hair color products wasted a lot. My hair is very short, so I did not always need the whole bottle. Thanks!!

The website is just fine as is. But I am taking the survey just to tell you how absolutely fabulous your product is. I have not colored my own hair for 10 years and my hair was VERY damaged. I cannot tell you how absolutely gorgeous and beautifully conditioned my hair has turned out using medium auburn & medium mahogany. I am truly in a state of euphoria over how great my hair looks. And without the damaging chemicals that had ruined my hair Another bonus--no dreadful ammonia odor. Thank you so much for a great product. Oh and I love your pomade--such a nice scent! I still cannot believe my hair could ever look so fabulous again.

Dear Mr. Craig

No more toxic smells, no more burning, thank you , thank you, thank you, It has been too long but now we have the BEST product for haircolor in the WORLD!!!!!!
Truley a wonderful product.

Diane Jackson

+ Comments:
I love your products. My friends keep telling me how great my hair looks. I had, HAD, thin short hair. Now I have thicker shoulder length hair. I can't thank you enough.

To Robert and Karin,

I followed your instructions regarding the mineral oil to get the henna off my hair and used your color this weekend.

It is “BEYOND EXCELLENT”!!!!!!!!!

In the 30+ years of coloring my hair I have never found ANYTHING in the league with this—not to mention how easy it is to use—no smell or harsh burning of the scalp and skin. I cannot believe something this good really exists and how much cheaper it is to use than even the salon price.

The color is the most natural brown I have EVER had—closer to the color my hair was when I was in high school.

Also, Robert, you had said you were concerned about how long to leave the color on the ends of my hair (as that’s where all the henna is)—well, I only left it on for 20 minutes with 45 minutes for the roots. If you look very close, you can see the roots are just a slight bit lighter, but the roots are such a natural brown, you wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking close or if a stylist pointed it out.

Only a stylist who has probably ruined his or her hair at one time or another can understand how grateful I am for your help. I literally do not know what I would have done because NOTHING I researched on the internet—no stylist I spoke with here in Dallas—no one had any options for me because they said there is nothing that can be put over henna. One of the men in our mini-church owns his own salon—he did not know there was anything I could do. I cannot wait to give him your website and see if he would be interested in trying out your color (I am assuming you sell to salons as well as individuals).

As soon as I can afford it I will start replacing my shampoos, etc., with your products. The shampoo in the color-box is so much gentler than what I have been using.

I hope you don’t think I am going on about all of this too much, but I still look at my hair and cannot believe the natural and shiny color.

THANK YOU SO MUCH—NOT ONLY FOR THE PRODUCTS, BUT FOR SPENDING TIME WITH ME ON THE PHONE AND HELPING ADVISE ME AS TO WHAT TO DO. This type of service is almost unheard of in the fast-paced world we live in today.

You have done so much for me. I would like to send you something that can be of value to you.

Thanks again for going beyond the call of duty and helping a very needy person (with regard to my hair issue).


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I recently purchased your hair color correction and I must say that the results were fabulous!!

I don't typically use harsh permanent coloring on my hair, but rather the semi-permanents that wash out after 12-24 shampoos. However, over the past few months I've experimented with so many different colors that my hair eventually turned almost black from all of the different colors on top of each other. I used one treatment of your color correction and was absolutely astounded by how well it worked! It's been so long since I've actually seen my natural hair color! Your product was an absolute God sent! I'm getting married September 20th and just couldn't bear the fact of having to look like the bride of Frankenstein on my wedding day...........that is, until I discovered your product!

Thank you so much!

Your NEW and faithful customer,


+ Comments:
Love your colors, and like the fact that I can measure as much out as I need. They do not irritate the scalp as some products do.

Dear Karin,
I just wanted to thank you so much for the advice you gave me for toning down my white beach blonde hair to its natural color. I received your Robert Craig haircolor in the mail last week and went for the plunge. I was amazed at how easy the application went. This was a very scary thing for me but I truly thank you for walking me through on how to mix and apply the different shades to correct the problem. I am very pleased with the results and feel confident with my new haircolor! Thank you so much Karin!


+ Comments:
Luv UR Haircolor! No damage, no smell, gray goes away :) Marcia

Dear Karin,
Thanks again for your quick response! Love your products, and your service.Not only the the color, but the help you provide!I feel like you are my personal hair dresser, and online friend! You're the best!!! Have a great day!
Hairs to ya!


Thank You, thank you thank you! You have a fantastic product. I also appreciate you're sending everything so quickly. I'm traveling tomorrow and was worried and not sure what I was going to do. The Salon in San Francisco that has colored my hair often-- (downtown and very expensive)--did not give me the results I needed-- I was not happy with the color, ever. I have the same results here in Miami. My youngest daughter has always said that my hair has gotten weird--the colored grey is very frizzy--and the rest always ends too dark. It seems to be solved with your product!
The #6 and #11 together produced a really exciting result. I just did my laps in the pool, and the color held in the chlorine beautifully with a "mud-pack" of conditioners on it under a cap. I'm anxious to see how it will hold with washing every day and tennis and jogging. I'll bring some along just in case for a family reunion in Tahoe tomorrow. Thank you for advising me Robert.



Dear Robert Craig,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with your hair color products. If only you knew the problems I've had with the local hair stylists. I could write a book. My hair looks great and I have many compliments all the time. I still have a problem with ash tones but I can live with it. Maybe some day I can send you some hair samples and I can pay you for a consultation. Anyway- to make this short- Thank you so very much.


And thank you for the phone call- you have a customer for life.

Dear Mr. Craig,

Just me, that deliriously happy customer from the Suburbs of Chicago. Thought you would like to know that now having been using your product for nearly a year with amazing results. Here is the success story:

Approximately ten years ago, the natural henna plant powder that I had been using long term, for some reason had failed to permeate hair follicle and transfer color. At that point I had no other alternative than to use products containing harsh peroxide, ammonia and alcohol. Over the course of using these harmful chemical colorants, my hair was becoming increasingly thinned out, partially due to breakage, but more so from chronic open sores perpetrated by the corrosive properties of the hair color products.

This condition was immediately alleviated upon switching to your gentle hair color. Your product has rescued me from the pain and irritation of chemical burns of my head, and in the past month I have noticed that not only the condition but also the thickness of my hair has gently improved.

Heart felt thanks to you for developing this fantastic hair colorant. If you should ever need written or video endorsement for advertising purposes, feel free to contact me.

Enclosed is another order supply. Finally, I am getting very close to finding that perfect shade mix needed to produce that desired color result.

Thank you much,

+ Comments:
Best hair color I've ever used and the shampoo that was included is great - my hair shines and is not dry and brittle. The gray is covered and I feel so much better without it - will be recommending Robert Craig products to all my friends !
+ Comments:
Your hair color is just amazing. It is so wonderful not to have to smell terrible smells while doing my hair, and my hair looks great afterward, shiny and well-conditioned. Also, thanks to Karin for her prompt replies to my color questions.
Hi Karin!

I wrote you a couple of months ago after I botched up my hair by making it too dark. (I used dark brown) You recommended Golden Brown after hearing what my stylist had used and you asked me to let you know how things turned out. Everything is GREAT!! I had tried the ColorFix and used it with my shampoo until the color was lighter. Then, a month later I tried the Golden Brown as you suggested and it seemed still a little too dark but workable. Yes, I did a strand test and knew I couldn't leave it in for more than 20 minutes. (The new hair growth could hardly be seen because my hair is still salt and pepper)! Today I decided to tweek it a little bit by mixing it with clear 1/2 and 1/2. It's PERFECT!! Yaaa.... :)

Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have bought the Golden Brown because I thought it would have been too "golden". After reading more about it and seeing that it too is for cool skin toned people (I'm a winter)I knew it might work. And...it did.

Thanks again,

Hi Karin -

Just wanted to let you know that the color recommendation and ratio of Coffee Brown and Golden Chestnut was right. It covered the grey beautifully without making the rest of my hair darker. Thanks to you I no longer have two tone hair, but a very beautiful brown. My hair feels soft and is shiny. Love the combination you suggested and wanted to let you know of my wonderful results. Thank you again.


Hi Karin and Robert,

I'm the one that was using Clairol Nice'N'Easy medium golden brown last year and switched to your golden brown with great results while my hair was growing out.......
Did you ever have anybody stray from your haircolor and then come back? Well, I'm ashamed to admit about 3 months ago, I started getting frustrated with my grays and went out and bought the Nice'N'Easy med. golden brown again. What a disaster, I ended up with orangish roots and real dark brown ends! (I noticed they also changed the formula) Not wanting to wait and order more of your haircolor, I went and got L'Oreal Castings in mocha (a neutral light brown) to tone down the roots temporarily. It looked better, but I still wasn't really pleased with the color. At this point I wanted my grays and 4-5 inches of roots back ....So I decided to start all over again and let it grow out, wait a couple of months until the color faded, then go back to your golden brown + clear I was using.
Never again will I use anything else! I learned my lesson, no more OTC haircolor. The good news is that my hair's still in good condition, and I actually ended up right where I was about a year ago with the same color hair and 1 1/2 inches of new growth. I just colored my hair this morning with your 1/2 golden brown, 1/2 clear, did the touch-up method...put it on the top where it was orangish first, then the last 10 minutes worked it through the rest of my hair, for a total of 30 minutes. Once again, it came out great! It looks just like it did the first time I used it, everything's blended in from root to end. I look 200% better with this color, too, I really like this color on me.
Here's my question, about the gray hair...I'm afraid to leave the color on 45 minutes, because I'm scared it might get too dark. Any suggestions as to what color/mixture/technique I could use, because I'll probable have to leave it on a long time since these grays are stubborn and white. I'd like to stay in the golden brown range, my natural color is medium-to-dark brown with some red and gold in the sun, and the golden brown warms it just a bit and makes it look richer since it's getting duller as I get older.

Lisa (back for life!)

+ Comments: I love your hair color- my hair is fine/fragile, so i've been looking for a gentle permanent color. I found it with your products. I can't say enough good things about it. Plus, it's so reasonably priced. thanks again,
+ Comments: This is the second time I've ordered your hair color. I read about Robert Craig in a magazine while waiting at my former hair salon! I had given up on finding a home use product which was permanent, didn't turn my roots orange, but still covered gray. I was told only Aveda had the secret formula and so I was destined to spend the rest of my life paying someone else to touch up the roots. Problem was, with the grays coming in fast, I needed touch ups more often than my budget allowed. This is the perfect product for me and I want to thank you for making it available. I actually think my hair looks healthier than it did with the Aveda color and it covers grays better.
+ Comments:
I have been using your hair coloring for several years and I am very satisfied with the results. One of the most important features in this hair coloring is the fact that it is very gentle for the hair, since it does not contain peroxide, ammonia or alcohol, ingredients that are harsh and can damage hair with regular use. Thank you very much for a great product!!

Hello Karin,

I did it! Actually my husband did it for me, but I have successfully done home hair color for the first time. Except for some splatters in the bathroom that I didn't notice in time which I DON'T know how to remove, I'd say it was definitely a pleasant experience. I used warmer water, left the color on for 45 min. plus, used a touch less water than called for, and used a plastic cap and blow dryer. Just barely had enough to saturate my 2 inch grey roots well. They're now a very dark reddish-brown, which is great! With the Coffee Brown being such a neutral color I didn't expect any reds really, but I like it. MIGHT want to make it a bit darker next time, but I'm really quite happy. And the NO-SMELLness of it was perhaps the best thing of all. My thanks to you for your patient help, and to Robert for a wonderful product that so fills a void in the hair care industry. Please, always keep the price reasonable as I believe folks of more modest means should have access to great hair care products like anyone else.

Many thanks again --kb

Dear Sirs;

I used your hair color on my hair yesterday. I mixed 2/3 chocolate brown with 1/3 clear. I am an older lady and didn't want to look too harsh. OH MY GOSH!!! I used your shampoo from the package and my biosilk conditioner and a ion hair dryer. My hair looks so great it is a miracle! My husband calls it chocolate raspberry and loves it totally. It's so shiny, this is just incredible!!

So glad I used this product.

I had to write and tell you how pleased I am with your hair color products. I have been coloring my hair for 20 years and have never found product that colors as well as yours and leaves my hair shiny and manageable. My biggest problem is getting the right color..In the past I had to go darker because it would start to fade or rinse out in a week...this is the first time I've had color that stays exactly the same from the time I put it on until I'm ready to touch up the regrowth...even when I'm in the sun. Thanks for a great product!


Hi Karin - I don't have a question, but just tons of compliments for Robert Craig's haircolor. I used it last night and my hair color is beautiful. It's the most amazing haircoloring product I've ever used. I will never, ever use anything else. I also used the mouse and hairspray, which are equally wonderful. I am so glad I found your site. I will also be telling all of my friends. I really can't say enough about this product!

Thanks. Joanie

Well, I did it on Saturday. Used your haircolor product. Mixed successfully and the results came outrageous! Not even my salon had this good of a result. Covered my gray, mostly even color (even though I had three different colors before....gray, dark brown and strawberry ends) I'm impressed! Did it myself (with a little help from hubby for the back).

I have to say that after a whole year of not touching my hair (had a very bad reaction to a salon hair coloring with results of hair loss and all), I was petrified to color it myself.....Your product was great...no burning, no itching, no reaction, and great results to boot. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi Karin,

I wrote to you about 6 weeks ago and asked about blending my previously colored hair with my new growth. I was using Clairol Nice 'N' Easy medium golden brown, but it was giving me too much red, and my natural growth was looking dark with less red and gold tones.
You suggested using golden brown, and maybe having clear on hand in case the test strand came out too dark.
Well, I finally got to order the haircolor last week (I was in the process of moving when I wrote to you the first couple of times). I got it the other day. I ordered golden brown and clear.
I used it the other day, and guess what, it came out perfect! I used 1/2 golden brown and 1/2 clear and left it on for 30 min. I can't even tell where the 2 inches of new growth is now, it's all blended in from roots to ends. I also had a few wiry grays here & there, which I wasn't really too concerned with, but they seem to have disappeared now too. They look more like highlights than gray hairs.
I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to find a color that would match my natural color so I could let it grow out. My hair is fairly long, and I didn't want the 2-toned look for the next 2-3 years!
The color was very easy to use, and my hair is more conditioned and softer, and looks natural. I have wavy hair, and the waves are still there too. When I used to use the other brand of hair color, it would end up sort of flat, and my waves would come back a week or so later after my hair got over the shock.
And the color is so natural, it's golden brown, not reddish brown or mahogany brown!
I'll be ordering more in the future for touch-ups or if any parts of my hair need refreshing so I can keep this same color.
Thanks again to you and Robert for all your help and a great product. Also for great customer service...I ordered by snail mail with a check and figured it would take a week to get the haircolor, but it only took 4 days (including the weekend)! I sent my order in on Thursday morning, and was surprised to see the box in my mail on Monday!

Thanks again,

(another Robert Craig convert)

Good morning....

Yesterday I recieved your Shampoo for Extremely Hard Water, Conditioner, and Spray Shine. Since I moved to TX, my hair has suffered...water as hard as nails, humidity through the roof.

I used your products last night...I'm in heaven!!! My hair hasn't felt this soft and SHINY in YEARS. Even my husband commented how lovely my hair looked (generally he's not one to notice such things).

I'll be telling ALL my colleagues and friends about your products....you have a customer for life!

Many blessings to you and your staff....

I just want to express my thanks to Karin who replied to my email of 10/17 with some helpful advice on correcting a color problem. Your suggestions helped, and I really love your product and will be using it again, perhaps with a bit less exuberance and more guidance from you!

Hi: My neice ordered me some of your hair dye, and I still can't believe how wonderful it worked. I feel like a new person, my hair looks so natural. I'm in 60s, and my hair is very very thin and dry, and when I applied the hair color it made my hair so soft and full of life. It used to be so wiry and lifeless looking, and now it looks like real hair. My scalp was showing before, but now it isn't at all. My complexion was pale white, and now I have color. I used to avoid going places because of how terrible my hair was, but now I feel good going out anywhere! It's a miracle product and I thank you for making me feel human again.


I love my hair using your hair color. What is interesting is that my color I was doing "before" was med brown on my roots and blonde on the rest. I know your products do not lighten but I went ahead and ordered light blonde and golden chestnut for my roots. The blonde turned my hair med. brown with redish highlights. I like it but there was a bit of grey still showing thru so I did the golden chestnut and it covered the grey perfect. I love my color it is my natural color from when I was a kid. It is weird I guess under all the bleaching and coloring I had been doing the past 10 years I had so much grey under it that your hair color just did it's own thing and gave me back my original color, I have had a lot of compliments and I have passed the word on about your great product. My hair is very soft and shiney. A customer for life. Thanks. I'm 46 and I was considering going all grey because I was so tired of my hair being damaged from dying and bleaching it. Thanks again for your great product.
Hi Karin: I finally made time to do my hair last night. I love it! After I did every 3rd hole for 15 minutes, I rinsed it, took the cap off, dried it and then combed Ultra Blond underneath my hair (with my head and hair down), and throughout the rest of my hair for another 15 minutes. It looks more sun-kissed, but I love it. I am amazed at how soft and shiny my hair is. Normally, I would need to put "heavy duty" hair repair creme in my hair many times before it became manageable. Robert's products are awesome!!

Thanks so much again for all your advice and help.

Love & Blessings,

I could not believe how fast your service was (I ordered over the net) and talked to one of your sales people. She was extremely courteous and friendly. Also, your hair color is excellent! I was skeptical as to whether it would last as long as other brands. It has lasted longer! Great product - very gentle!

Katherine from Waterbury

Hi I just wanted to let you know I did everything you mentioned, and it worked better than ever! My hair is so pretty, everyone tells me how nice it is. I love this stuff! One thing I noticed this time: it took several shampooings to get the water to run clear. Is that pretty normal with such an intense color? By the way, if you haven't tried this color, medium mahogany, and you think you might like red hair, it's lovely. It has a slight bluish cast, not orange, and it's great for my coloring. I have brown eyes and kind of a ruddy face, and with this hair my face doesn't appear so red! Thanks again, I tell everyone about your haircolor. Helen
Hi Karin,

I did my hair this weekend with the color combination that you recommended below. I just want to tell you it came out great! I left it on for 45 minutes, as I wanted to make sure it covered the gray. It is a really nice medium auburn color and completely covered the gray with nice highlights. I love it. I wash my hair every other day, and the color is holding up fine so far. Thank you for your expertise in color combinations. I am hoping that I won't have to color as often as I did with the Loreal. Even so, it is definitely a more gentle permanent hair color then anything I have ever used. My hair feels very soft!
Thank you!

Hi Karin -

I just wanted to let you know that my color came out fabulous! I did reduce the water when I mixed the color up, & the end result was a rich, shiny dark brown with excellent coverage of my greys. Thank you SO much for allowing me to interrupt your weekend with my question & my compliments to Robert for formulating such an excellent product. I can't get over how much healthier my hair feels & looks - it's a far cry (& a very welcome change) from the usual parching it gets at the salon!

Hello: I used your hair dye 2 weeks ago for the first time and am totally thrilled!! The temporary dye I was using stained my shirts and towels, and barely lasted a week. I love your product and have told several people about it, and also ordered some for my mom, and she loves it as well. Thanks so much for developing such a fantastic product!! I can't use regular hair dye, because i perm my hair, which would be soo much for my hair to take on top of the perming. This is just what I've always been wishing for, and can still hardly believe it's possible.
I'd like to add how soft and silky it makes my hair feel, my hair has never felt so good! I just ordered the spray gel and leave in conditioning spray after reading the other testimonials, and am anxious to try those as well!
Please send me 3 to 5 color charts, so I can share them with my friends!


(From a post on Alt.Fashion newsgroup)

Hey Fashionistas,

I've been fooling with my haircolor over the summer. Some successes, some not so much so. I'd been planning to end up with chestnut after looking at a very old picture of myself with chestnut hair. Since Robert Craig has been very helpful in posting advice here (others have as well, but I don't think they have their own line of products yet), I thought I'd try his line for the chestnut color.

I ordered on-line, got two boxes of the light chestnut, some shampoo and spray in conditioner. Shipping was quite quick, especially given the intervening holiday. I used a strand from sort of the lower back of my head for the strand test. From that, I guesstimated that I should leave it on for the longer time to get the color I was looking for.

Unlike the drugstore permanent colors I'd used before, there is no ammonia in this, so you mix the powder with water - after some vigorous shaking, this turns into a moussy consistency that's easy to apply (I spilled much less of it on myself than usual). I found that the first batch had some tendency to de-moussify, needing to be shaken again. For the second batch, I used slightly warmer, but not hot, water and that worked better for me. My hair is somewhat below shoulder length and I definitely needed two boxes. It didn't smell bad - in fact it didn't smell like much of anything at all.

The application was simple. When I'm lightening my hair, I normally apply in sections so I don't end up with that bad uni-blond look (well, it's bad for me), but since I was making a big change and I didn't want clumps of nearly blond and red and toasted something (I never really managed to get all of the temporary colors out), I used it on all my hair.

I was worried that would lead to monochrome hair, but in fact the color ended up having good variations from strand to strand. Mostly, it also took evenly, but it did end up rather darker on the ends and around my face - the hair that was the most processed to begin with. That isn't a problem with the color, just something that needs to be taken into account - maybe by seperating that hair and starting it later.

It certainly didn't damage my hair, in fact it feels in better condition now than when I started. I think it also covered my grey quite effectively, since I can't find any. I shampooed it out with the shampoo provided and followed with the leave-in conditioner. My hair needs more intense conditioning, so the leave-in wasn't enough to make it maximally shiny, but it did leave it soft and combable.

The only downside to the Robert Craig products that I can see is that you can't impulsively go out and get them to do your hair that day, but that may be a good thing. If I do decide to shift the color of my hair in future in a direction that doesn't require lightening, I'd definitely use the Robert Craig products again.


Dear Robert Craig,
I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful your product is! I talked to you in March re going back to my natural brown haircolor. I had dyed it blonde and it was looking awful as it grew out...anyway...I had tried many products, even a proffesional salon here in San Francisco, and for some reason my hair wouldn't "take" to the tints. But surprisingly your hair color did. I colored it March 9th and it is just now fading completely. Usually all tints permanent or semi-perm would wash out completely in one to three weeks. I have been telling everyone who asks about my hair about Robert Craig.

Thank you,

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your wonderful products. I have been using the Extremely Hard Water Shampoo and the Conditioner for only two weeks now but it is AMAZING what it has done for my hair. My hair is long and fine, with a bit of frizz and wave on the ends. Let me tell you, it has never looked or felt better. I never thought I'd find something that could really reverse all the damage that hard water and minerals have done to my hair. It looks shiny again, it is so silky soft, never tangles, and it actually holds a style! I am truly amazed. My hairstylist even asked me what I had been using because she could not believe the difference in the look and feel of my hair. I told her, Robert Craig Shampoo, and now she is recommending it to all of her clients! It's like having a brand new head of hair all over again. All the damage and build-up has disappeared. Keep up the FABULOUS work over there!


I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you that I used the Ultra Blond Highlight Kit today and then used 1/2 clear and 1/2 golden blond toner. My hair is wonderful. I think it looks better than it looked when I paid $97.00 to get it done 6 weeks ago. I knew I couldn't afford to do that every 6 weeks so I decided to use your product. My mother pulled my hair through the cap. It took about 1 hour for my hair to get to the pale yellow stage, since my hair is a medium to light brown. It really would have been great like it was, except my skin tone does not really look good with hair that light. Then I put the toner on after drying my hair and left it for 20 minutes. It was so easy and very little washed out when I rinsed. My hair looks professionally done (and believe me, my mother and I are amateurs at best---this is only the second time we have ever done this). I want to thank you for making such a great product and one that does exactly what is says it will do. Thank you so much for answering the MANY, MANY questions that I e-mailed you over the last few weeks with such patience. Your company, customer service, and website is are absolutely marvelous. You are hearing from a very happy and completely satisfied customer, who will definitely be ordering again very soon.


Hi Robert,

I just want to thank you for your help with my hair "emergency". I don't know if you'll remember me or not but was debating the toner/color issue on bleached hair. I tried your hair color Golden Beige Blonde, that you recommended. The hair color is fabulous, neutral but not flat at all. The mix is perfect. And it looks and feels 200% better than the toner and no damage.
I have just one question from my colorist. Is the color progressive?

Thank you so much!!

A very satisfied customer,

Mary Beth

I received my order last Friday and immediately went home to try it out. It couldn't have been easier and I am so pleased with the results that I've told everyone I know to go to the website and order it. I got the exact color I wanted, with no shades of "red" anywhere and my hair feels wonderful.

Thanks for a great product.


I wanted to thank you for all your help. After my botched bleach job I didn't think it was possible to look normal again! Your products worked wonderfully.

I used the Golden Blonde as a filler and then the warm brown over that. My hair is now a reddish brown. My neighbor thought I had my hair fixed in a salon! When my husband saw my new color he exclaimed...Now THAT is how you are suppose to look!

I have to say that your products are also very gentle. My hair was fried from bleaching. Your hair color did not further damage my hair, infact, it conditioned it! For color correction Robert Craig hair color cannot be beat.

I am so glad I turned to you instead of going back to the salon to have my hair fixed. You were patient, kind and professional. I will recommend your products to everyone I encounter! You have a new customer for life!!!!


I just wanted to say.. After finally using your product I love it!! I got the Golden Brown and the Color Seal.. I mixed them half and half.. "cause I was scared it would be too dark".. I'm glad i did.. I Love the results!! i will be ordering again in the future...Thank You,
You answered my question last week about hair and what colors to use to achieve the blonde Jennifer Aniston look, for my daughter who dyed her hair red for the summer.

I want you to know that this was the first time ever I have bleached anyone's hair. (So I used my daughter as my first victim)LOL

After bleaching her hair and applying the golden chestnut, I thought this hair color really conditioned her bleached hair. So next was the ultra highlight kit, it was fast and easy to do. Then I applied the golden blonde and my daughters hair is Fantastic! I am so glad that I went on my search for hair dying suggestions! I kept coming upon this name of a product that some of the women mentioned they used....Color by Robert Craig, I looked it up on the net, liked what I saw, had ordered because I could not wait to get your email which I received the NEXT day. I had already ordered everything you suggested except the clear.

Any way, Thank YOU, my daughters and myself will be loyal customers from now on. I will tell everyone about your site and about Karin and Robert Craig.

Proud Mother, Debra G.

I wanted to say thank you for your help and your wonderful products.

I had used a drugstore color in a blonde shade, which didn't come out like it did. After following Robert's suggestion -- which involved no Robert Craig product --, I ended up with a color I could live with for a few weeks.

Then I was a winner of your "No Bad Hair Days" kit in July. I was amazed at how much better my hair (and I) looked and felt.

Later in the month, I used some of your colorant per your instructions, with some help in mixing two shades by calling Robert (can you guess that I'm not a professional yet?). The color is a nice, even shade of blonde. I left some streaks of the shade on a little longer, so that there's some dimension. And the texture and appearance of my hair is just wonderful.

So, this is a big thank you for your advice, product and time that you spent with me. I truly appreciate all of your help, and you've definitely made a customer for life.

Warmest Regards,

Dear Mr. Craig,

Today I tried ColorSeal. I colored my own hair about 20 years ago and it turned green, so I was a bit apprehensive. I called your toll free number and was reassured by a very polite gentleman who answered all my questions in a very professional manner.
The results exceeded my expectations. My highlighted hair has body and shine and feels very soft. I have visited your your site on occasion and I have had a prompt and a helpful reply from Karin too. This was my first order and I immediately reordered more products after I saw the fantastic results. I will recommend you to my friends and my family. Thank you for hair care products that actually do what they promise to do. Please continue to send me your newsletters via E-mail. Thank you.

Hi Karin...a couple of weeks ago you worked with me in trying to match up my existing haircolor with your products. I just wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job!! My color matched my existing color perfectly! I am actually happier with the color I achieved with your products. I did have one question...I have a few gray hairs that are starting to be stubborn and tend to either not color entirely or fade before any other part of my hair. How often can I use the Robert Craig coloring? I don't want to damage my hair but because you guys don't use peroxide or ammonia, it may not matter. Again, thanks for all your help....I will be a continued user of Robert Craig products!!!!!!




Feedback text area: I recently purchased your hair color products and shampoos, conditioners. I am very pleased. You suggested the first time I mix 3/4 golden brown with 1/4 medium auburn. I love the results. The next time I need to color, do I still need to use the same mixture, or do you have a single color that I can get the same results with? My hair has never looked or felt better!

Thank you. Kim


Just received my order two days ago. I got the shampoo for soft water, the no more bad hair days kit and spray gel.

From the very first day I could tell the difference as I washed and rinsed my hair. Upon drying I could see incredible shine and body. I have relatively short, straight as a stick hair and I always need a ton of styling products to get volume and form. WELL, not anymore! My hair shines, has body and manageability like never before. I still use my curling iron but I find that I don't need to leave it in as long. Wonderful stuff and I thank my good friend Linda for putting me on to this stuff. Next I will share some with my daughters!

Thanks again for such wonderful products. I can't wait to go on vacation and try the kit!


This note was left in our survey section.
"I think the website is very easy to use and I cannot think of what you need to do to improve it. I have always gotten excellent products and excellent service from your company. I am 37 and for the past 25 years or more, have tried every conditioner on the market for dry, damaged hair and your conditioner is by far the best I have found."
MAKE ME UP is a fun website that discusses makeup and other beauty products. One of their volunteer reviewers, Maura, tried our shampoos. Visit them here for the review.
Our haircolor was reviewed by the owner of this great web site called Dye My Hair. Visit them here for the review.
Hello Robert: Thanks for your assurance & your call! I guess I am so selfish when it comes to such a good product. I have never had a hair color that was exactly what I had in mind until I discovered your hair care products. And that includes the many years of salon care in San Diego and recently here in Montana. Furthermore you are the first hair coloring/styling professional who was not aghast at me wanting to do it myself. I had never had the courage to color my hair until discovering your web site & wonderful products. You are appreciated for quality products and outstanding customer service. Joanne
"Robert Craig is a hair color GENIUS! His products are great! He offers an on-line consultation for both hair color and hair care. His Color by Robert Craig hair color is terrific! I've tried everything, but was never satisfied with my hair color or the condition of my hair afterwards. Regular hair colors would damage my dry curly hair, and the color would get brassy and fade very quickly. His Color by Robert Craig color is alcohol/peroxide/ammonia-free. It is permanent and really lasts! It is also very conditioning and pleasant-smelling, unlike traditional hair colors. Color by Robert Craig even covers my resistant grays and looks beautiful! My hair is soft, healthy and shiny. I'll never use anything else again! I've also been using Robert Craig's hair care products, and I'm happy with them. His shampoos are formulated for your type of water so they always work. His on-line shopping is easy and accurate, and I always receive my orders promptly. He also guarantees your satisfaction. It's a terrific site with great products. Check them out! You won't be disappointed." -- Sherri Koster
Dear Robert,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful customer service. Last week, I e-mailed Karin and asked for some help in choosing a haircolor shade. I wanted a light/med. auburn shade (like Julia Roberts in 'Runaway Bride'). Karin e-mailed me back within three hours and suggested not one, but TWO color options-- one lighter and one darker. I chose the lighter one.

Last night my mother helped me to apply two bottles of Light Chestnut, followed by two bottles of Light Auburn (after rinsing the chestnut off, of course). Well, this morning I blew my hair straight (it is naturally curly) and the resutls are fantastic! The color is shiny and translucent from root to tip, unlike OTC colors which leave me with orange roots and very dark ends! In addittion, my hiar 'feels' great-- this is quite unusual since my hair was pretty much overprocessed (with highlighting) to begin with! Needless to say, I am HOOKED!!!

Now, I DO have an ordering question-- When I placed my order (10426) last Wed., I order 2 boxes EACH of light auburn and light chestnut for me, and 2 boxes each of coffee brown and med. auburn for my mom. However, since coloring my hair, mom has decided that she would be also be best suited for the Light Chestnut/Light Auburn configuration.

Could I exchange the coffee (2 boxes) and the Med. Auburn (2 boxes)?

I look forward to your reply!

Thanks again (you are a color GOD)

Hi Karin & Robert, Well, I finally took the plunge and used my Effects of Nature haircolor. I was very skeptical since the "Golden Brown" I ordered looked incredibly light on the box (more like blonde). But after describing my hair to you I decided to take your advice and go with this color. Applying it was very easy and it felt very gentle. I have used every hair color out there and they always come out too orange, brassy or purple on my medium brown hair. Not to mention that they always dry out and damage my hair. But with as much grey as I have I'm always trying to cover it up. Most professionals have always recommended Ash Browns for me which always turn out much too boring and flat in color. My hair is dry and probably over colored. Guess what - the results were AWESOME!
I love the color..very rich, warm and goes well with my fair skin/golden brown eyes. It looks very natural and my hair feels soft. I definetly notice a difference in using this product and am so happy to have finally found a haircolor that won't keep drying my hair out. Covers the grey well too (leave it on long ladies). By the way...Your Customer Service is excellent too.
Thank you, Susan (one happy camper)

Hi Robert- My family and I just came back from a cruise to Alaska (on Holland America- fantastic!!- you should try it!). At your suggestion, we took along the "No More Bad Hair Days" kit. We also did five days driving around Alaska before we got on the ship. After washing our hair in a variety of places, using the kit, and always looking gorgeous, my daughter and I have voted for you to receive the Nobel Prize for Hair! Thank you for making such a fabulous product!!! (We took a picture on the ship of us using the paper strips and, if it turns out, I'll send it to you.)

Also, today I took the plunge and colored my Coffee Brown hair with the Medium Mahogany that you suggested. It looks great! Not a huge change but shiny dark red highlights (actually where it covered the gray). So thanks once again. What would we do without you???

Mill Valley

Our product line was just reviewed by a great website called www.faceonline.com. You can read what the panel of staffers have to say.

Just have to tell you how pleased I am with Color by Robert Craig haircoloring. I had abused my hair with drugstore hair color products for four years before I took note of how my hair was just breaking off - everywhere. Tried "Loving Care" for a few months and maybe I could have lived with its short lifespan, but I HATED how greasy and gummy it left my hair through several shampoos.

Thanks to the wonder of the Net and my search for something better, I happened upon the Robert Craig site. I was skeptical. But I tried it and I love it. Just ordered/used my 3rd dose of healthy hair coloring and I will never go back!

I love that there is no ammonia or peroxide. I love that it does not stink (!). I love that it looks so natural in my hair and as the weeks go by somehow my grow-out blends with it.

Best haircolor I have ever used - and they are not paying me to say this!

Sincerely, 49-yrs-old and smiling!

We just received rave reviews by BeautyBuzz reviewer Melissa who used Color by Robert Craig haircolor. Just one minor correction to Melissa's review is that Color by Robert Craig CAN be used for dramatic changes as long as you are going darker in your color.
To read this 5 star review, click here.

Before going on our cruise I ordered trial sizes of the shampoo for hard water, shampoo for soft water and the spray shine. I have soft water at home and I knew on the cruise the water would be hard. Plus, I had never tried your products before and the trial size is a nice way to purchase these items and see if they work for you!
I'm back today to purchase the larger sizes!! Your products are GREAT!!


Thank you for marketing your products at a reasonable price. Before, I was dealing with a lot of breakage from otc. haircolor. Now I've used Color by Robert Craig since October and combined it with Nizoral shampoo which really does prevent hairloss on me, and my hair is growing back beautifully. I also love your conditioner. One more thing, thanks for your great website and fast personal service. I'll keep shopping here for a long time to come.

Reading an article in Fitness magazine about the "No More Bad Hair Days Kit," was the answer to the belief that I had held for the past several years, that it wasn't hormones or age that was affecting my hair, but our WATER. In years past I had bragged about our water, but then I began noticing my hair always felt coated and had no body when I washed it. On the other hand, when I travelled, it would be back to its normal bouncy, full, soft self. I tried all kinds of shampoos and conditioners. They all worked for a day or two, then the problem was back and the pricey product sat in my cupboard. I ordered your kit online and received it very fast. It confirmed that our soft water might be the culprit. After two weeks using the soft water shampoo, my hair again has body and the texture of real hair. The difference was obvious the first day I used it. Thanks for figuring out what seems like an obvious solution, and from reading the other testimonials, a much wider problem than other companies are addressing! I am recommending your product to everyone who will listen!

I tried the Color by Robert Craig Coffee Brown yesterday. Not only is it a wonderful product, the color (which you suggested) was perfect. I'll be ordering more soon. Thanks!

Gayle had a real problem with extremely hard water turning her colored hair orange. She bought, tried and even reviewed many of our products. Her review is here


Karen from N.C.

I just want to let everyone who sees this site know that Robert Craig is the best! Although I've never met him personally he has answered all my questions right away and has helped solve my hair problems! The hard water shampoo and conditioner is fantastic! I highly recommend them. It's rare to find a business that is so helpful and caring as well as products that really do what they claim to do. Thank you Robert Craig, for everything!

Julie from New York

I was pleased to receive today the products I ordered just a few days ago by mail. I had trouble transmitting an online order and thought the mail would delay things.
If this is an example of your service I applaud you! Can't wait to try your products.

Marilyn from Vermont

Dear Mr. Craig----

Bravo for someone figuring out Hard water solution to washing hair! I am in my 50's with increasing grey hair and was lamenting that my hair was dry, fly away and has lost it's shine. I exercise everyday and shower at a fitness center - I finally realized by looking at the white crystal buildup on the shower tile and pipes, that the water was very hard and mineralized and building up on my hair. I had tried many other "moisturizing" shampoos and oil conditioners. . . but nothing worked. I saw an advertisement in a magazine, called and samples were sent. What a difference with my hair. . . It doesn't feel stripped, it's soft, no more static flyaways and much more manageable even with blow dryer products and hot rollers. How about a moisturizing body wash for hard water?

Looking forward to using my shampoo and conditioner for a long time--much success to your company.


Pat Quinney

Sharon Sharp writes:


I just want to tell you thank you for making such a great shampoo!! I went to the eastern shore in Delaware and every year I actually dread it because I get a full week of bad hair days. I tried the kit "No More Bad Hair Days" and I could not believe how great my hair felt. It was soft and clean. Usually it is all flaky and feels greasy. When I tested the water with the strips it was fun to see the color change and to match the bottle of the shampoo with it. The water there was extemely hard, but thanks to your shampoo it made a whole world of difference to my hair. I am so happy that now I don't have to wear my hat at the shore again!!! Thanks for the great discovery..I would recommend the "No More Bad Hair Days" kit to everyone.

Laurie Bliss writes:

I am so thrilled by Robert Craig's No More Bad Hair Days Kit. After trying countless shampoos I have finally found a product that counteracts the terrible effects of "bad" water. My hair has never looked so healthy or felt as good. Thank you.

Fashion Editor, Harper's Bazaar.

Kathy Burwell writes:

Dear Robert,

I am glad that your staff passed on my compliment. I am VERY pleased with your product.

About two years ago I moved out to the country. I immediately had "bad hair days" the first week. I didn't know what was wrong but I knew that it wasn't just my fine hair.

I have tried literally hundreds of dollars of different products hoping to find the right thing. My husband was so tired of my complaining about our water, that I just had to do something.

I happened to read a small article in Redbook regarding your product and it sounded like exactly what I needed, a shampoo for different types of water. I knew that our water was soft, so I ordered your soft water shampoo and it was great! My hair is much fuller and has more body. When you have fine hair, you have to make the most of every hair!

I have recommended your product to others and they are ordering from you, too. I also told my hairdresser and her friends about your product. Your travel kit is great for those who travel.

If I ever make it to New York, I'd love to visit your shop. Thanks for creating your product.

Joan Forrest writes:

Dear Mr. Craig,

I travel for business and the worst thing that can happen to me after checking into a hotel is to discover they have terrible water. Both my hair and skin are affected.

After seeing your product in Self magazine, I ordered your travel kit and am glad I did. I just returned from Los Angeles and the water was so bad I couldn't even get the soap to lather but your shampoo was wonderful.

Enclosed is my order for a 16oz. size of shampoo for extremely hard water and an 8oz. bottle of leave in conditioner.

Again, thanks to you I will have no more bad hair days. You should make a body shampoo for this problem as well.


Robert Craig/webmaster@robertcraig.com
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