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With Color by Robert Craig

With all the email and questions Karin and I receive, this page should have been done a long time ago. But better late than never. The following are a few of the most common haircolor situations we are asked about and some solutions.


What you need: Some of the formulas below call for a highlight cap or product. You can now purchase our Ultra Blond Highlighting Kit on-line. You may also need liquid dish detergent, on-scalp bleach, shampoo and conditioner.


Situation 1: I colored my hair and it turned out too dark.

Solution: You can do several things but try these in the order suggested.

The first thing to do is shampoo with a mixture of shampoo and liquid dish detergent. You can do this several times but condition well between shampoos as this can be drying to the hair.

The next thing to try is a deep conditioning treatment with a protein pack. Proteins can pull color out of the hair. Saturating the hair with a protein pack and leaving it as long as you can may remove some color. You can protect the hair with a disposable plastic hair cap.

There is also a product called Colorfix (available in our shopping cart) that actually shrinks the dye molecules of permanent color only and is used for fine tuning color (lightening a little) as well as major color removal and is a very gentle product. The instructions are easy to follow and there are a few applications in each box. To read more about it, go to the consumer section of the site. We include a few extra tips and hints in the box that our experience has shown to work really well. Please note that in major corrections the hair will almost always need to be colored again.

If this doesn't get your hair as light as you want, then using a mild solution of bleach mixed with shampoo and conditioner is the next step. Do not use a haircolor to lighten haircolor. It is unpredictable, and is not meant for this purpose. It can actually drive the dark color further into the hair making it harder to remove. To make a bleach shampoo which will lighten a little and be more gentle on the hair, mix an on-scalp bleach per directions and add three tablespoons of Robert Craig Shampoo and three tablespoons of Robert Craig Conditioner. This will buffer the bleach, dilute it and condition as it is lightening. Once the hair has reached the right stage of lightness, you should use cool water to rinse the bleach from the hair. Gently shampoo the hair and rinse well. Wrap hair in a towel to absorb excess water and follow with a Color by Robert Craig shade to tone the hair if necessary.


Situation 2: I colored my hair but it turned out orange.

Solution: This happens when the natural hair is too dark for haircolor to be effective or when too dark a shade has been chosen.

If you are trying to lighten brown hair to a nice blonde shade the best thing to do is to bleach the hair and then tone it. Applying several applications of haircolor to get your hair light is more damaging than using a mild bleach. At this stage of orange you should apply the bleach shampoo mentioned above to further lighten the hair to the desired amount of lightness. In the future you can use the on-scalp bleach without the shampoo and conditioner to lighten the hair.


Situation 3: I highlighted my hair but the highlights turned out orange.

Solution: This happens when the natural hair is too dark for haircolor, bleach was used but not left on long enough to be effective or when too dark a shade has been chosen.

There are two ways of fixing this. The easiest thing to do is to return the hair to its original color and then rehighlight. This will assure you are rid of all the orange. When you highlight next time you must make sure the hair is light enough before removing the bleach or color product. Follow the directions for Situation 4 if you have lightened your hair more than two or three shades.

The other way to fix this is more of an optical illusion. By adding more highlights and then toning them with Color by Robert Craig in Light Ash Blonde it will give the hair an overall cooler tone with less of the orange brass look. The overall appearance is that of a neutral to cool tone and although there is still some orange in the hair the eye doesn't see it.

Please note that overlapping bleach over hair that had previous highlights can cause breakage so either of these methods can cause some breakage and you may want to return the hair back towards your natural color rather than trying to highlight your hair again.


Situation 4: I colored my hair and I hate it. I want to go back to my natural color.

Solution: Most people are under the impression that they can simply put another darker color over hair that has been colored and it will come out fine. Wrong.

When hair has been lightened, it has been bleached and colored all at the same time. This is called a single process color because in a single process the hair is made lighter and color is also deposited. As the hair lightens is goes through stages of color removal and these colors need to be added back into the hair before applying a final formula. This is called 'filling' the hair. Using Color by Robert Craig is a great way to return your hair close to its natural color. It is a permanent haircolor but has no damaging peroxide or ammonia in it. If going to a brown shade, use the #18 Golden Blonde shade - if you are going to a blonde shade, use #19 Light Golden Blonde - and apply it roots to ends and process for 5-15 minutes. Rinse the hair until the water runs clear and then dry the hair. You may then apply the final formula of Color by Robert Craig that you have chosen. It can be applied roots to ends and processed for 5 to 20 minutes depending on the condition of the hair and the result of your strand test. The more damaged or porous the hair is, the less time it will take. Clean off a strand of hair with an old damp rag every few minutes to see how the color is looking.


Situation 5: I colored my hair with henna and now want to use Color by Robert Craig.

Solution: Henna works by coating the hair and although you may not be able to get the color/stain from the henna off the hair it is important to remove the coating as much as possible before using Color by Robert Craig. Please note that using peroxide based products can cause very severe reactions when applied over henna but we have been able to sucessfully use Color by Robert Craig over the henna with no problems. That said, we still recommend doing the strand test and allergy test according to the instructions before using it all over the hair.

How to remove the coating caused by henna.

Get mineral oil, cotton coil usually used for perming (can be purchased at the beauty supply store) a plastic cap and if possible a heat cap (available on our web site). Wrap the cotton around the hairline a few times....some hand cream rubbed on the skin first can help keep it in place. Saturate the hair with the mineral oil to the point that it is wet but not running or dripping. Place the plastic cap on the hair and then apply the heat cap or warm with a blow dryer. If you are using the heat (preferred method) then time it for 20-30 minutes. If no heat is used then leave it on the hair for at least an hour. Shampoo several times until all the mineral oil is removed from the hair. Follow with strand tests with the Color by Robert Craig. Please note that because Robert Craig uses no peroxide, ammonia, or ammonia substitute that the normal adverse reactions should not occur as with products that mix with peroxide. Strand testing is still required for timing, end result and to double check if all the coating is removed. The hair may still be red but it is the coating we are trying to remove so that the Robert Craig color can get inside the hair.


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