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Robert Craig

Robert Craig
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Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd.
8235 State Rd
Lakeport, MI 48059
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Our Favorite Styling Brush

Boar Bristle and Vent brush in one

This is our favorite styling brush for several reasons. Boar bristle is known to be the best bristle found in any high quality brush. It helps smooth the hair and moves oils and product down the hair shaft offering a smooth appearance to the hair. The nylon vent side allows air to pass through the hair for easy and faster drying. This oval shape works like several brushes in one. The flatter sides are like a paddle brush. The rounded sides add a curl or a flip to the ends of hair. The nylon side also helps detangle hair and acts like a comb to help work on small sections . We know you'll fall in love with this brush the first time you use it. The brush area is 4" wide and 3" long. Just the right size for any length of hair. Sold in the Accessories section of the shopping cart.


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