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Robert Craig
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Answers to your
Color by Robert Craig

Is Color by Robert Craig gentle to my hair?
Absolutely. Unlike most hair colorants, Color by Robert Craig contains no harmful ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or drying alcohol. Yet it delivers glorious, permanent color that will cover even stubborn gray. Color by Robert Craig contains no henna or metalic salts.

Is Color by Robert Craig easy to use?
It couldn't be easier! Color by Robert Craig's simple process uses no separate chemical developers, just warm tap water. Simply apply the colorant mousse to your hair, then follow with Color by Robert Craig shampoo.

I want to use Color by Robert Craig to get rid of my gray hair. What do you recommend?
To cover gray completely, choose a Color by Robert Craig shade that matches or is slightly lighter (first time especially) than your natural hair color and make sure you leave the color on for 45 minutes. If you currently color your hair, apply to the new growth first for the majority of time and then refresh the rest of the hair for the last 5 to 20 minutes (depending on results from strand testing).

I have very resistant gray hair. What do you recommend?
For better grey coverage make sure of the following - the hair is clean - enough color is on the hair that is stays wet during whole processing time - you can reduce the water by 1/2 ounce to make stronger pigment - you can increase the time on the roots for an hour rather than 45 minutes - try any of these or a combination.

I'm not sure which shade of Color by Robert Craig to choose
If you are not sure which shade matches your natural color, choose a slightly lighter shade initially. Performing the strand test will help you determine the shade that's best for you.

Can I use Color by Robert Craig after other chemical hair treatments?
Absolutely. In fact, Color by Robert Craig's excellent conditioning properties make dull, dry hair more manageable, while looking healthier and more natural. It is safe to use on hair that has been treated with henna or swimmer's hair as well as hair that has been permed or chemically relaxed. Please be sure to use a lighter shade the first time and do a strand test. Permed and relaxed hair can take color darker and in much less time.

My hair is very short. Can I save left over mousse for the next time I color?
No, because the unused mousse will quickly lose effectiveness. Be sure the mousse completely covers your hair, then throw the rest away. You can mix small amounts of color though. The instruction page tells how you can do this and then the left over dry powder can be saved for another time.

I have long hair. Will I need more than one package of Color by Robert Craig?
It depends how long and full your hair is. If your hair is longer than chin length, we recommend using two packages of Color by Robert Craig. For best results, prepare two shaker bottles of mousse at the same time. Never mix two bottles of colorant powder in the same shaker bottle.

Can I mix two different Color by Robert Craig shades in one shaker bottle?
Absolutely. You can mix 1/2 of one shade with 1/2 of another shade or 1/4 of one shade to 3/4 of another shade. You can also mix any color with our new Clear color to dilute a shade and make it a little lighter.

Can I apply two different shades in one day?
Yes, you can. This is something we have done for years in the salon. You can apply one shade right over another.

How does Color by Robert Craig work without peroxide?
Through polymerization, color molecules are locked inside the hair - so the color cannot wash away.

How does polymerization work? Is it a plastic coating?
Polymerization is a process in which relatively small molecules, called monomers, combine chemically to produce a very large chainlike or network molecule, called a polymer. Hair is made up of mostly protein and proteins are one of many types of natural polymers. Polymerization causes the hair dye molecules to bond with the natural color molecules inside the hair. It is not a plastic nor does it coat the hair.

Can I lighten my hair color with Color by Robert Craig?
Since Color by Robert Craig doesn't contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, it won't lighten your hair color. If you choose any of our black, brown or red shades, your hair will look great no matter what your hair color is. However, if you want to go lighter, we recommend that you bleach your hair first.

If I want to change the shade of my hair just a little, should I only use part of the mousse?
No. Use all of the mousse, but for less time - just 15 to 30 minutes. See the instructions for details. We also recommend that you perform a strand test before application so you'll know how long to leave the mousse on your hair to get the results you want.

Why is it important to time the mousse application?
If you don't, you may end up with a color that is not what you expected.

Should I wash my hair before I color?
Color by Robert Craig should be applied to clean hair with no styling products on it. It is best to shampoo the day before.

I am allergic to some haircoloring products. Will I be allergic to Color by Robert Craig?
While our products are gentle they do contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in a small number of people. We recommend an allergy test before every application. If you have ever had a reaction to any other hair color product then you should not use Color by Robert Craig.

Why is it important to wear vinyl gloves while coloring?
The colorant could stain the skin on your hands, which is much more porous than your scalp.

What are the most common mistakes people make when using Color by Robert Craig?
First of all, it's very important to read the instructions before starting to color - and be sure to perform the allergy and strand test. Next, make sure that you put the water in the shaker bottle before you add the colorant powder, and use water that's warm, not cold or hot. Finally, time the application carefully.

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