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Robert Craig

Robert Craig
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Robert Craig Salon Products, Ltd.
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I am working hard adding tips.
If you have a tip you would like to share, email me.

Tips by Robert Craig

I have very itchy scalp and skin, what can be done?
I have very oily hair, what can be done?
I just lightened my hair and I hate it. How can I go back to my natural color?
My hair is getting darker each time I color. What can I do?
Can you tell anything about a product by reading the ingredient list?
I have heard that SLS in shampoo is dangerous. Is this true?
I see the ingredient "alcohol" in products all the time. Does it damage the hair?
I am losing more hair than usual. What can be wrong?
I have never colored my hair before. Where do I start?
I have an oval shaped face. What tips do you have for me?
I have a heart shaped face. What tips do you have for me?
I have a diamond shaped face. What tips do you have for me?
I have a round face. What tips do you have for me?
I have a square shaped face. What tips do you have for me?
How can I tell what shape my face is?
I have fine hair. Is there anything I need to be careful of when coloring?
I just colored my hair and don't like the result. How long do I have to wait before I recolor?
I have a real itchy scalp with dandruff and the dandruff shampoos don't seem to help.
I have been using the same product for years and now it is not giving me the same result.
I am not happy with my new haircolor/haircut. What should I do?
What can I do to make sure I get the same great haircut next time?
I have a question I would like you to answer. Can I email you?
How do I know if my color is fading due to chlorine in my water?
What is the latest news in getting rid of grey hair?
I would love to go to a great salon but can't afford it right now.
How do I get rid of color stains on my skin?
Can I apply my color with a brush instead of a bottle?
How do I keep the hair from sticking to my skin when I get my hair cut?
How do I eliminate stains on my skin when I color my hair?
Is there any way to rid my hair of cigarette smoke without shampooing?
What can I do with shampoos I no longer use?
Can I perm or relax and color my hair safely?
How can I find a good stylist or colorist?
As a man, do I have to stick with men only products?
Why do the men's products take less time?
Is it safe to color during pregnancy?
What is a drabber?
What is a toner and when do I use one?
When should I see a professional colorist?
What haircolor is right for me?
Are temporary colors really temporary?
Permanent, Demi, Semi, which one?
I've been coloring my hair and want to go natural
Can I mix color enhancing shampoos for a custom formula?
Hairstyle need a little lift?
My grey shows up a week after coloring
Static in your hair?
Test Your Water
Brassy haircolor
Dealing with winter hair
Snarls,tangles and knots
Keep your combs and brushes in good condition
Grey hair a little resistant?
Need a bang trim and can't get to the salon?
Looking for that Halloween color?
Avoid an allergic reaction to haircolor
Add life to your blowdryer
Want healthy hair?
Want to avoid haircolor blunders?
Spend time putting in the curl only to have it fall out?
Ever wonder where all the grey is coming from?
How to keep your hair color vibrant
Thick, frizzy hair got you down?
Home haircolor turn out too dark?
Did that trim turn into more than you expected?
Deep conditioning treatments
Tried Jello, used Kool-aid?
Does your hair curl up when it gets humid?


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