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Ultra Blond Highlighting Kit


New from Color by Robert Craig, Ultra Blond is an advanced highlighting kit containing everything you need to create customized highlights. You get off-scalp bleaching powder, mixing bowl, 30 volume peroxide, a professional applicator brush, a highlight cap and hook, and professional gloves. Ultra Blond is a non-drying formula for "off-the-scalp" blonding. Perfect for bleaching, highlighting, frosting and streaking. You control the effect, from subtle to dramatic. The bleaching powder in this kit is 'ultra-buffered' making it 'ultra-gentle' on the hair. Because of this, the result is superior to other highlighting products.

Note: Do not use this product directly on the scalp.

Please read and follow directions carefully prior to using

  • Read directions and cautions carefully prior to use and perform a preliminary strand test
  • Keep powder and developer unopened, in a cool, dry place away from heat and light.
  • Do not prepare mixture until you are ready to use.
  • When opening bleach powder bag and developer, point away from face and avoid inhalation.
  • Discard any unused mixture immediately after use. Storage may cause container to burst.

Cap Frosting and highlighting

  • To create subtle shimmers, follow cap-highlighting directions and pull thin strands of hair through every third hole in the frosting cap.
  • For a sun-streaked look, follow cap highlight directions and pull hair through every second hole in the frosting cap.
  • For a sophisticated blond look, follow cap highlighting directions and pull hair through every hole in the frosting cap.
  • For adding drama to short hair, follow tipping instructions.
  • To create highlights on medium to long wavy or curly hair, follow the highlighting instructions.
  • To accent the lines of your hair cut, follow the comb frosting instructions.
  • To create lowlights, follow cap-lighting directions and pull more hair from back and progressively less towards front

Preliminary Strand Test

Highlighting and bleaching results depend on the condition and color of the natural hair. A strand test is recommended to give you a better idea of the end results and to avoid any complications with the actual process. Wear the enclosed gloves and prepare the strand test mixture in the plastic bowl provided:

  1. Open the Ultra blond bleach powder bag and pour teaspoon of powder with enough Ultra blond developer to make a creamy mixture.
  2. Your hair should be clean and dry. Comb firmly back and remove any tangles. Pull one strand of hair from behind your ear to perform the test.
  3. Generously apply mixture to the desired test strand, making sure the test strand does not touch the rest of your hair.
  4. Check test strand frequently (10-15 minutes). Refer to the instructions for required timing. To check results, wipe away mixture with a damp paper towel. If your hair looks red or gold, reapply mixture. When the strand is the same color as the desired shade, proceed with full application.
  5. Rinse off the test strand and towel dry hair.
  6. Discard any leftover mixture. Thoroughly rinse and dry the mixing bowl prior to actual application.


Development Timing

Lightening time depends on the natural hair color and the condition of the hair. The darker the hair, the longer time to process.

Natural Hair Color Timing

Light to dark blond hair 20-60 minutes

Light brown hair 20-90 minutes

Medium brown hair 40-90 minutes

Dark brown hair 60-90 minutes

Check product after minimum time by removing some product with a damp paper towel. Be sure to check progress every ten minutes thereafter to avoid over processing. Resistant hair can process for up to two hours.


Mixing Instructions

  1. Put on enclosed gloves.
  2. Empty contents of bleach powder packet into mixing tub.
  3. Gradually add developer to the bleach powder in the tub. Using the brush, blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy.
  4. Apply mixture immediately.

Application and Techniques

Before beginning, make sure hair is clean and dry. Wait one week and two shampooings before highlighting after a permanent wave. Wear a smock or towel during application, as product may bleach clothing. Assemble contents of kit. Contents of Kit

Cap Frosting and Highlights Instructions: Photos will open in another window. View and close window to return here

  1. Detangle and brush hair into your regular hair style. Place bangs in front and hair behind ears. For longer hair, lightly mist hair with Robert Craig Shine Spray and hair will pull through cap much easier.Photo 1 Photo 2
  2. Place frosting cap on head and tie chin strap securely. Cap must fit snugly. Leave hair hanging out at nape and bangs. Be sure to cover shoulders with cape or towel to prevent drips from damaging clothing.Photo 3
  3. Using hook, pull strands through cap using desired technique. For best results, insert hook at a 45-degree angle. Press to puncture lining of cap and pull hair through. Complete this step for desired amount of hair before continuing to next step. For subtle surface highlights follow this pattern and pull fine strands from each hole within the area.Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8
  4. Apply product generously, using brush. Strands must be saturated. Gently massage product throughout hair to ensure proper application.Photo 9
  5. Start timing following Development Timing guidelines. Be sure to check often, and leave on as needed.
  6. When desired effect is reached, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, leaving frosting cap and gloves on.
  7. Carefully remove cap and gloves, then shampoo, condition and style hair.
  8. If you pull too much hair through a hole you may go underneath the cap and pull it back through and start over again. Photo 10
  9. For a touch-up of roots only pull hair out in tiny loops. Photo 11 Photo 12

Tipping Instructions:

  1. Dampen hair (do not shampoo) and blow dry hair upside down. Hair will stand up. Prepare mixture per directions.
  2. Wearing gloves, place a small amount of mixture into the gloves. Rub hands together.
  3. Lightly scrunch hair tips with mixture. Work each area once only. Move on to next section of hair.
  4. Start timing following Development Timing guidelines. Be sure to check often.
  5. Wearing gloves, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Remove gloves and shampoo, condition and style hair as desired.

Highlighting wavy and curly hair instructions:

  1. Dampen hair (do not shampoo). Make a part in hair. Photo 13
  2. Make six tight braids on each side of part(12 braids total), secure with elastic bands. Use tiny braids for subtle highlights and large braids for a more bold look. Prepare mixture as per the instructions. Photo 14 Photo 15
  3. Wearing gloves, pull bottom braid away from head. Using the applications brush, apply mixture to the top and bottom of braid. Brush through only once. Repeat for each braid.
  4. Start timing using the Development Timing guidelines. Be sure to check often.
  5. Wearing gloves, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Remove gloves and undo braids. Shampoo, condition and style as desired.

Comb Frosting Instructions:

  1. Do not dampen hair. Back comb hair at the roots. Prepare mixture as recommended. Photo 16
  2. Wearing gloves, dip end of a plastic comb into mixture.
  3. Working from back to front glide comb from roots to ends. Go through the strand only once and do not attempt to cover evenly. Repeat for each selected strand. Photo 17
  4. Start timing using Development Timing guidelines.
  5. Wearing gloves rinse hair thoroughly. Shampoo, condition and style as desired.

Lowlighting Instructions:

  1. For hair that has lost dimension or needs to be a little darker. Follow instructions for highlighting with a cap. Use one of the Color by Robert Craig shades that is darker than the color of your hair now. Also, we have the Color Tool Kit that contains everything above except the bleach and it is available in the shopping cart under the accessories.Photo 18 Photo 19
  2. Following the pattern in these photos pull more hair out from the back and lower sides and progressively less towards the front. Photo 20 Photo 21 Photo 22

CAUTION: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should first be made. This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness.

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