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Robert Craig
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Permanent Hair Color #10 Medium Mahogany

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Hair Color by Robert Craig...the all-new, permanent hair color that delivers totally gorgeous, natural-looking results without a trace of harmful ammonia, peroxide or alcohol. Now you can color hair gently and with confidence - even if your hair is permed or chemically treated - in your choice of a wide range of luxurious shades.

Medium Mahogany is a blue based color. If you have more than 25% grey you may want to mix this shade with Golden or Coffee Brown to reduce the intensity.

If your hair is longer than chin length or very thick you may need two boxes for a complete application. Touchups only require one box.

Ingredients: 2-Nitro-p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate; 4-Amino-2-Hydroxytoluene; 6-Chloro-2-Amino-4-Nitrophenol; p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate; Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Sodium Perborate; Sodium Silicate; Sodium Sulfate; Xanthan Gum


Hair color products may cause allergic reactions, even though you had no reaction during previous usage. In rare instances allergic reactions can be serious. Do not color if you have had a previous reaction to any hair color product or if scalp is irritated or injured. To help minimize your risk perform the skin allergy test 48 hours before coloring. Follow Enclosed Instructions

This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying instructions should first be made. This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows. To do so may cause blindness.

Keep out of reach of children.


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